Microsoft Flight Simulator: VR To Launch As Free Upgrade Late December

The highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update is reportedly on it’s way late December. This will support both Oculus and Valve devices. Here’s everything you need to know.

You know what Microsoft Flight Simulator needs? VR. You know what it’s getting? VR!

That’s right. Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting VR support a lot sooner than you might think. Developers Asobo Studios have stated that this support is coming as an integral part of Sim Update 2 on December 23.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Was Announced in July

At the time, Asobo stated that they were working with HP in a partnership that would bring Microsoft Flight Simulator to VR devices in-line with the launch of the Reverb G2 Headset. This was followed with a disheartening statement that additional VR device support wouldn’t arrive until later.

Seemed something changed! Martial Bossard, Executive Producer at Asobo, has stated that they are “going to open VR for everyone”. This means, Microsoft Flight Simulator will have this support on a number of other popular devices.

This update will bring about seamless intergration with the pre-flight menus and should mean that players won’t have to remove the VR headset during play. There will also reportedly be two new tutorials for the Airbus A320neo Jetliner in Sim Update 2.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR
Credit: Asobo Studios

Then, Asobo is planning to launch World Update 3 in January. This will bring much-requested additional detail to the United Kingdom.

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The livestream that announced all this also slated Replay functionality as something coming 2021, with Helicopters being added in 2022! Absolutely crazy.

Does the VR support make you want to pick up a VR headset? Or Microsoft Flight Simulator if you already have one? Let us know in the comments!

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