Minecraft Boat Guide – How To Craft A Wooden Boat

There’s a lot to explore in Minecraft, but are you tired of being limited to land? Well, this Minecraft Boat Guide will help you figure out how to craft one and take to the seas!

Boats in Minecraft are beyond helpful. For starters, they make travelling across water a hell of a lot quicker. Like, you’ll never want to swim again after making one. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, they can also be used to go up waterfalls as a makeshift lift system about your Minecraft world. 

Minecraft Boat Guide
Credit: Mojang

In order to make a Minecraft boat, you’ll need 5 planks of wood. These can be of Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, or Dark Oak. They just need to all be the same. If you’re not playing on the Java Edition, you’ll also need a wooden shovel. The shovel is required for the following editions of Minecraft:

  • Pocket Edition;
  • Windows 10 Edition;
  • Xbox Edition;
  • PlayStation Edition;
  • Wii U Edition;
  • Nintendo Switch Edition;
  • Education Edition.

Minecraft Boat Guide – Step By Step Crafting Guide

Step One: you’ll need to head to your nearest Crafting Table, as you need the 3×3 grid for this. 

Then you’ll need to place the 5 wood planks into a U-Shape in the top two rows of the grid. So… that’ll look like this in the grid. 

Wooden Planks*Wooden ShovelWooden Planks
Wooden PlanksWooden PlanksWooden Planks
Leave EmptyLeave EmptyLeave Empty
*All non-Java editions of Minecraft will also need the shovel included.

Once you’ve done this, just move it to your inventory and place it down when you have it equipped! Make sure you put it on water, though. They won’t break on land, so don’t panic! They’re just pretty useless…

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