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Minecraft Dungeons is Coming to Arcades

Minecraft Dungeons came out last year and it was generally well-received. Although it did not have the depth of its big brothers Diablo and Path of Exile, it was generally regarded as a good entry point into the genre or a fun detour that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Real arcades are hard to come by these days. Their numbers are thinning out, and their lineup of games looks more like the iOS App Store than the arcades of old. In a time where arcades are more likely to have Flappy Bird than Gauntlet, a new four-player beat ’em up coming to arcades is a refreshing change of pace.

Minecraft Dungeons
Credit: Mojang

Mojang have announced that they intend to continue supporting Minecraft Dungeons in the form of a four-player arcade cabinet. The arcade adaptation is being developed by Play Mechanix, a veteran arcade developer, known for hits such as Terminator Salvation and the Big Buck series.

Fans of Minecraft Dungeons, or even the ARPG genre as a whole, will be quick to note that these types of games rely heavily on character progression, and building up stashes of epic loot. Arcades are usually known for single-session games, where the game is completed in one session, or not at all.

Minecraft Dungeons
Credit: Mojang

Mojang’s solution to this is a unique card system, which will let players build up their collection of loot in the game and real life. During play sessions, players will collect loot which will be given to them at the end of the session in the form of a physical card.

The next time that person plays, they can scan in their previously received loot cards to use that item in their new session. The game will have 60 unique cards to collect, with 5 slots to equip items in.

Mojang says that cabinets are currently being shipped out to select arcades across North America for location testing and that more will come at a later date. So far, there has been no word as to which arcades will be receiving them, and if they will be shipped internationally later on.

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