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Minecraft: Everything you Need to Know About Smooth Stone

Want to learn more about some of the specific blocks you can utilize in Minecraft? Well I’m here to tell you all about smooth stone!

Smooth stone is a variation of stone crafted by placing stone into a furnace and smelting it.

Obtaining Smooth Stone

In order to mine smooth stone, you will require a pickaxe, if mined without a pickaxe, smooth stone will drop nothing. So get yourself a pickaxe of any rarity and get to mining!

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You can also obtain smooth stone from chests. There is a 20.8% chance of finding 1 smooth stone within “Mason’s Chest” in any village you may find. It is possible to also find smooth stone within some houses in the plains, savanna, as well as snowy tundra villages.

As mentioned above, you can also just place some stone and any fuel into a furnace to produce smooth stone as well.

Using Smooth Stone

Smooth stone crafting recipes
Credit: Gamepedia

You’ve got a few options when it comes to using smooth stone, first you can use it to craft a blast furnace using 5 iron ingot, a furnace, and 3 smooth stone. Now you may be asking “Well I already have a furnace, what do I need a blast furnace for?” Well a blast furnace functions essentially the same way as a regular furnace with the main difference being it can only smelt ore blocks and tools/armor made of iron, gold, or chainmail. Items smelted in a blast furnace will also smelt twice as fast as they would in a regular furnace, saving you precious seconds on your Minecraft speedrun ventures. Using smooth stone you can also craft a smooth stone slab with 3 smooth stone yielding 6 smooth stone slabs.

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Smooth stone cutting recipes
Credit: Gamepedia

You may also create smooth stone slabs using a stonecutter and placing a block of smooth stone into the stonecutter.

Fun Facts About Smooth Stone

Smooth stone is one of three blocks with a slab equivalent, but without a stairs equivalent. The other two are cut sandstone and cut red sandstone.

The original smooth stone slab is called stone slab, and later changed it’s name to smooth stone in Minecraft Update 1.14.

Well that’s about everything you need to know about Minecraft smooth stone! Let me know what you create in the comments down below!

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