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Minecraft Patch 1.17 Additions

Crystals and Amethyst Minecraft Patch 1.17

Minecraft Patch 1.17 is coming in mid-2021. A ton of new additions to the game are on the horizon, including new blocks, items and mobs.

The Minecraft 1.17 patch will add a whole lot of new content to the game. There is a focus on the brand new Caves & Cliffs update. The patch is set to release in mid-2021, according to the Minecraft Live 2020 stream on October 3. There are plenty of confirmed additions, new blocks, new mobs, and plenty of changes and updates to existing parts of the game.

There are over 20 new blocks and items being added to the game according to minecraft.gamepedia.com. From Amethyst Bud to Tinted Glass, there are a bunch of new cosmetic and practical items coming to Minecraft.


Amethyst: There are a few new types of blocks coming with the addition of Amethyst, a violet-colored quartz. This includes Amethyst Cluster, which breaks into Amethyst Bud, Amethyst Shard, Budding Amethyst and Block of Amethyst. Amethyst Geodes are the source of Amethyst, they generate between sea level and bedrock.

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Calcite: A stone that generates in Amethyst Geodes as well as others. It is a part of the inner layer of a geode, after Tuff and before Amethyst. It’s a white colored stone.

Candle: A new lighting option in the Minecraft 1.17 patch, crafted with honeycomb and string. There are 16 dyed types along with the non-dyed. It can be lit by any item that makes fire.

Copper: Copper ore is coming to Minecraft with the newest patch. From the ore, which should be found around the same consistency as Iron, you get copper ingots which can craft into blocks, slabs, cut copper (which oxidizes and changes color) and copper stairs.

Lightning Rod: A Lighting Rod can be made from 3 copper ingots, and can redirect lightning strikes and give off a redstone signal when hit. This is something seen in many mods.

Dripstone: Dripstone Blocks can be placed as decoration and gathered in a Dripstone caves biome, which isn’t commonplace just yet. Pointed Dripstone can from stalactites and stalagmites that can be placed on ceilings or on base ground blocks.

New Dripstone cave biome Minecraft Patch 1.17
Credit: Mojang

Powder Snow: A snow variant that sinks yourself, villagers, and all mobs. You take damage if you sink into it and aren’t wearing leather armor. Leather boots will keep you from sinking in the first place. It can be gathered and used with a bucket.

Sculk Sensor: This utilizes redstone and is available from commands or the Creative inventory. What it does is sense vibrations, emitting particles and a redstone signal.

Tinted Glass: This is a new variant of glass that operates just like how it seems. Players can look through it, but no light will come through. It takes 4 amethyst shards and one glass block. There are no stained glass variants that you can use, it has to be a standard glass block.

Tuff: Tuff is the outer layer of amethyst geodes and can look different depending on where you spot the geode.


Bucket of Axolotl: This is how you carry the new mob coming with Minecraft patch 1.17, the Axolotl. A bucket of water will allow you to pick up the new mob.

Bundle: Crafted with 2 string and 6 rabbit hide, a Bundle can store extra items. It can hold a stack of items and any type of item besides a shulker box. You can easily toss out the content of the bundle.

Axolotl Spawn Egg: A brand new spawn egg for the new Axolotl mob.

Spy Glass: Crafted with 2 copper ingots and an amethyst shard, a Spyglass zooms in on where a player is looking, limiting that viewpoint to a square POV.

New Mob

Axolotl: This mob, based on the Mexican Salamander of the same name, is the first amphibian added to the game. You can catch it with a water bucket, and it eats tropical fish for breeding purposes. There are five different colors (brown, a rare blue, leucistic, white and yellow).

Axolotl in Minecraft Patch 1.17
Credit: Mojang

The Axolotl has a regeneration ability, like how the real animal can regrow its limbs. It’s hostile towards fish and squid.

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