Minecraft Villages Guide – How To Find & What They Do

Okay, so you’ve loaded up, punched a few trees, and now you want to take your Minecraft save to the next level. Interacting with Minecraft Villages and Villagers is a great way to enhance your Minecraft-playing. Here’s how to find villages in Minecraft. 

A Minecraft Village is more than just a collection of pre-built buildings in your Minecraft world. A few of the buildings have items, for one, which can be great in helping out starting players. They also usually have a small, ready and operating farm, alongside crafting tables and furnaces! If you’re out on a long expedition, stumbling across one of these could just save your life.

Where Can I Find Minecraft Villages? 

Minecraft villages can be found almost everywhere in the block-based world you’ve found yourself in. Below is a list of every biome a village can randomly be found:

  • Grass Plains
  • Open Savanna
  • Taiga Woodland
  • Snowy Tundra
  • Desert Plains

How To Find Minecraft Villages? 

Right. You’re half-way up a jungle tree and all you can see is canopy. Great. Luckily, if exploration isn’t your thing, there is a way to find Minecraft villages. 

The best and most natural way to find Minecraft villages is simply to explore. There are pathways that extend out of the village a little ways, too, so if you stumble across one of those, you may be in luck. Similarly, the high ground can be great for spotting them from a distance. However, if this isn’t your cup of tea… There are other methods.

Firstly, you can input a Minecraft seed that has a village near spawn. This will still require a little bit of exploration by not nearly as much. Check out below for all the best Minecraft seeds to get you started: 

Minecraft Seeds – The Best Worlds To Spawn In

If you already have an established world and still need some help, there is also a Minecraft console command that adds a village finder to the game. All you have to do is pull up the chat command and type ‘ /locate Village ‘. Once you hit enter, this will give you the coordinates to the nearest village! 

In order to open the chat command console, all you need to do is press ‘ CTRL ‘, ‘ SHIFT ‘, and ‘ ] ‘. This will enable the chat box and enter will bring it up. Easy as that!

It’s worth noting that only the following versions of Minecraft support this (sorry, console players): 

  • Java Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

What Good Are Villagers?

Who are all these non-zombie looking mobs and why do they all have massive noses? They’re villagers, and I have no idea, but killing them may not be the best way to approach this. They are more useful than that. 

Villagers are great for trading. They can really get you a leg-up in the Minecraft world by offering you access to the essential items you need for survival on top of rarer items. There are two things you need to trade with villagers. One: you need stuff to trade. Two: you need to know how the reputation system works. 

Credit: Minecraft

Trading with villagers is easy enough. You just right-click on a villager, and if they’re available to trade with, it’ll open up the trading window. From here, you can see what they’re offering. Emeralds are the currency in Minecraft, and you can find them as an ore underground or by looting them. Either way, having a few on you is always a good habit to be in. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there’s a chance that a wandering trader might appear outside of a village. If not, they also have a chance at spawning at a village meeting point.

Once you’ve figured this out, it’s important to understand the reputation system. Each Minecraft villager has five career levels that can be increased alongside reputation. These go from novice, to apprentice, to journeyman, to expert, and finally to master. The items that each villager has to trade will improve based on their reputation and career level. These can all be increased simply by trading with that villager. A villager’s profession also matters a lot, as they’ll only carry items relating to their profession. 

It’ll be worth noting that Minecraft villagers aren’t the angels they look like. Be sure to make sure that you’re not being ripped off by those pesky mobs.

What Buildings Are In A Village?

Would you look at that, it’s a… generic looking house? Well, I guess they have to live somewhere… But, is that it? Thankfully, no it isn’t. Minecraft Villages contain several different varieties of building amongst other features.

Finding the right villager can be a little difficult sometimes, but all hope is not lost! Minecraft villages contain several distinct-ish buildings that can be used to help you figure out where you need to go next.  The appearance of buildings may vary between biomes, but once you figure out what looks like what, it isn’t so bad. Here are just a handful of buildings that might appear:

  • Houses
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Farms
  • Blacksmiths
  • Small Huts
  • Cartographers
  • Butchers
Minecraft Villages
Credit: Minecraft

It should be noted that Minecraft villages do vary in their composition, along with their design, so at one point you might find a village with 3 churches and no butchers, or it could be the other way around! 

What Can I Get From A Village?

Alright, you’ve figured out how to find villages and you’ve managed to get to one. But, what’s in it for you? Sure you can trade with villagers but without Emeralds… This isn’t really viable. Luckily, this isn’t all they’re good for.

Each building in Minecraft is a treasure trove of free loot. Or it’s empty. Chests are randomly generated throughout and will contain different pieces of loot depending on which biome and which building they are in! For example, a village in the desert might have a dead bush in a chest whereas one in grassy plains would contain a sapling of some kind. 

Or a blacksmith’s house would contain a chest with various ingots and armour in it. Meanwhile, a butcher’s might have some meat and coal. It’s important to check every building, though, as you can get valuable items in all of these. Emeralds sometimes pop up, enchanted items can also appear, and maybe you’ll even stumble across an elusive diamond!

Help! My Village Is Full Of Zombies!

Well, isn’t this a surprise. You’ve seen a cluster of promising buildings, but it’s full of Minecraft Zombie Villagers instead of Nice Minecraft Regular Villagers. What’s all that about?

Reportedly, a village in Minecraft has about a 2% chance of generating as a Zombie Village. What does this mean, though? Essentially, it means that all of the Villagers will be replaced with Zombie Villagers. There will also be a distinct lack of doors or torches, so from a distance, the lack of light can be a sign that you’ve found one. Some of the regular cobblestone is replaced with cobwebs, and the clear glass is replaced with brown-stained stuff. Nasty. 

Minecraft Villages
Credit: ForgeLogical YouTube

If you spot a regular zombie around the Minecraft Village, however, you may be looking at a siege! If a village has at least 20 inhabitants and more than 10 doors, there is a 10% chance that a zombie siege will start at midnight in-game. Depending on your equipment and combat prowess, this can either be a welcome challenge or a dangerous place to get caught up in!

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