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Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament Beta Now Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing a degree of eSports professionalism to its multiplayer experience with the Gunfight Tournament Beta. Featured first in the Alpha, Gunfight is the first of Modern Warfare’s game modes to have tournament support being built into the game itself.

Gunfight is fast-paced, intense, and wholly rewarding.
Gunfight is fast-paced, intense, and wholly rewarding.

What is Modern Warfare’s Gunfight?

Gunfight is Search and Destroy without the searching and destroying. It’s 2v2, one-life mayhem across several rounds on maps as big as Shipment. These maps are all unique designs compared to the larger maps, so even if you don’t fancy playing it long, it’s worth checking these out. Both pairs start with the same loadout each round, and these change randomly throughout the course of a game.

How’s it structured?

The Tournament Beta itself is run as a single-elimination, 16-team bracket. This is a pretty standard tournament set-up, much like the knock-out stages of any competition. What makes it an interesting format is that it seems the entirety is played in one go. That’s 8 games of Gunfight in succession if you go on to win it. Players are going to have to set aside a fair chunk of time if they want to compete, as the Activision Blog states “you may have to wait in the lobby until your opponent finishes their match” with no indication on how long this might be.

You have to work together to win.
You have to work together to win.

Each map has its own tips and tricks which Activision have listed on their blog post here. But, as always, the best help is to learn the maps by playing them. Gunfight maps are largely symmetrical, so if you learn one side, you can master both.  Much like anything in Modern Warfare, there is an XP reward for winning and an exclusive cosmetic for those winning the first time.

The Gunfight Tournament Beta is live now for a limited time. Check out here for more of the latest gaming news.

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