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Modern Warfare: How To Unlock The VLK Rogue?

In Modern Warfare, the VLK Rogue is just one of the several shotguns you can unlock to use in Multiplayer and Warzone. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking it!

Shotguns are always controversial in Call of Duty titles. Remember those Akimbo Models in Modern Warfare 2? Everyone loved getting cross-mapped on Favela with those bad boys. Modern Warfare has also had its fair share of controversy with Shotguns. The 725’s damage range was particularly over-powered at launch.

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Now there’s a new contender for Most OP Shotgun with the VLK Rogue. This one packs a punch and, with the right ammunition to suit your playstyle, can really clear your opponents out. Here’s the rundown on what the VLK Rogue is:

“An agile 12-gauge mag fed shotgun from VLK with extensive options to modify range, stability, and manoeuvrability.”

VLK Rogue Warzone
It does look kinda nice, though…

Modern Warfare Is Required To Unlock The VLK Rogue, Sorry Warzone-Only Players

This unlock isn’t that hard if you pick the right playlist. To unlock the VLK Rogue, you need to get 7 kills in 15 different multiplayer matches using a shotgun with all 5 attachments equipped. If you are just starting out with Shotguns, this will be a longer grind.

Firstly, you need to unlock the attachments! Shotgun blueprints often have a few equipped, but all five is a rarity! Once you’ve done this, though, it should be a fairly easy challenge. TDM on smaller maps, or a game mode like Hardpoint would be a good place to start with this.

The chaos that is Shipment 24/7 is perfect for grinding out this challenge given the close-quarters nature of the map.

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