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Modern Warfare Patch Allows Players to Remove Storage-Heavy Modes

Infinity Ward has revealed that a patch update to Modern Warfare coming tomorrow, October 13 will allow PC players to remove modes that they do not want in order to free up precious hard drive space.

Credit: Twitter

Paul Haile, Production Director on Call of Duty Modern Warfare at Infinity Ward revealed in a tweet earlier this afternoon that “tomorrow’s update will have mode specific uninstall options for PC MW owners.” This comes after massive amounts of backlash regarding the game’s install size (currently 224 GB on my PC) which now no longer fits on a 250 GB SSD. This is one of the biggest game installs, if not the biggest install of all time, and unsurprisingly players are not happy about it.

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Credit: IGN (January 2020)

While this is sure to allow PC players to feel more confident in their choice to install (or in some cases, reinstall) the game due to the ability to pick and choose what exactly they want taking up storage space, the same cannot be said for Modern Warfare players on PS4 and Xbox One as this change is exclusive to PC so far. Hopefully Treyarch can follow suit with the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and either allow players to choose what they want to install, or even better, just don’t let the game get so big in the first place.

Will you be reinstalling Modern Warfare because of this change? What are you looking forward to playing (or not playing) when this change goes live tomorrow, October 13? Let us know in the comments below!

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