Monster Hunter Rise Armour Skill System Revealed

Monster Hunter Rise armour skill

Capcom has updated their website, showing us for the first time the Monster Hunter Rise armour skill system. From what it looks, it functions mostly identical to the armour skill system introduced in Monster Hunter World, which doesn’t require a point threshold to activate a skill like previous Monster Hunter games.

Monster Hunter Rise armour skill
Credit: Capcom

Though the system is mostly used in World, there are a few changes in Rise. The table chart that shows the skill points and activated skills is similar to the charts used in previous Monster Hunter games. However, it doesn’t seem to make any mechanical changes and is only there for visual purposes.

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An interesting addition to the Monster Hunter Rise armour skill system, however, is the elemental resistance boost given when wearing 3 or more pieces of the same armour set. This would mean that, for example, wearing 3 pieces of the Rathalos armour set will grant bonuses to the resistances the armour parts already give.

Credit: Capcom

This is similar to armour set skills from Monster Hunter World, where certain armour pieces have an “Armour skill set,” and equipping a certain amount of it will grant an additional skill. For example, equipping enough Diablos armour pieces will Diablos Ambition, which increases the maximum skill level of the Slugger skill.

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It is currently unknown if these “Ambition” style skills will return in Monster Hunter Rise, but for now, we have the elemental resistance boosts. Monster Hunter Rise releases for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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