Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise is here and while it’s one of the most accessible and newcomer-friendly entry in the series, there are still several things that is worth knowing that the game doesn’t always make explicitly clear, or some things that the player may forget. Here are some Monster Hunter Rise beginner tips and tricks.

Eat At the Canteen Before Every Quest

Not only does eating at the canteen increase your maximum health and stamina, but they also have a chance to grant you bonus skills for the next quest, which can be quite helpful during the hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise Canteen
Credit: Capcom

The canteen is a staple in the Monster Hunter series, but this time around, it’s been simplified drastically, and you simply have to choose three Dango that has the skills that you want (or select the speciality at the time for an increased chance of activating that skill).

The Buddy Plaza

In the Buddy Plaza, there are useful features, such as the Meowceneries, the Argosy (which acts as this game’s farm for generating herbs, mushrooms, berries, etc), and the Buddy Dojo. Buddies can be hired and levelled up through these activities, and are an important aspect of Monster Hunter Rise, as they help you gather resources through these activities in between hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

Not only that, but different Palamutes (dogs) and Palicoes (cats) have different stats, abilities, and support types. So, it’s a good idea to hire a bunch of them and train them up so you always have a variety of buddies to take with you on hunts.

Cohoot Nest

Activities in the Buddy Plaza can be boosted by using Lagniapples. You can occasionally get some from Buddy Expert Shirubei, rarely from Optional Subquests, and the Cohoot Nest.

The Cohoot Nest is located up in a tree in the Buddy Plaza. There is a vine wall behind the tree its on, and climbing it will lead you straight to the nest. The nest gradually fills up with items (one per quest) up to a maximum of five.

Searching this nest will net you some useful items, including Lagniapples. The other items you get are quite useful, especially at the beginning of them, where you don’t have access to a lot of resources yet.

Your Housekeeper is Helpful

You can access almost everything in the Buddy Plaza from your Housekeeper. Simply go into your room and you can remotely access the Meowcenaries, The Argosy, and the Buddy Dojo from the comfort of your own home.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

Also, if you’re hosting an online session, other players can enter your room (entering the room will always lead you to the host’s room instead of your own), so customizing your room and decorating it to look nice for guest can be worth it.

Wirebug Recovery/Wirefall

If you’re knocked back by a monster, you’ll usually have some recovery time before you’re able to move or attack again. However, you can immediately recover by pressing ZL + B and tilting the control stick in any direction to pull yourself towards that way and instantly recover on your feet. This will cost one Wirebug.

Visit The Training Room

A good way to decide what weapon you want to use (or if you want to practice combos with them) is to visit the training room. You can visit the training room by taking the boat from the Buddy Plaza, or by using the “Move Around Village” feature in the Start (+) Menu.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

Talk to Villagers

The game does tell you about socializing with villagers, but it may be easy to forget about them when you’re so focused on hunting monsters. The red text box indicates story-related progression while the blue text box indicated a side quest or a request from a villager. A yellow text box indicates that a reward from them is available.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

Talk to Hanenaga to Receive Great Wirebugs

Senior Hunter Hanenaga can be found near your room, towards the bridge that leads to the Buddy Plaza. Before he gives you the Great Wirebugs, you will need to find Jewel Lilies while out on the field. Afterwards, Hanenaga will give you a set of Great Wirebugs as you progress through the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

Some Great Wirebugs will require you to complete a request from Hanenaga.

Great Wirebugs are permanently placed on Jewel Lilies, and once placed, allows you to interact with it to fling yourself vast distances. The direction and distance are fixed for each location, but they provide some very useful shortcuts and make traversing the maps easier.

Credit: Capcom

Some Great Wirebugs will lead you directly to another Great Wirebug in the middle of the air. If you manage to press A when you pass it (spamming the button works), you can travel even further.

Play Rampage in Village Quests First

As far as Monster Hunter Rise beginner tips go, this one isn’t really a must. But if you play the Rampage in the Hub quests first, you might be a little lost.

Quests in Monster Hunter Rise are split between Village (solo) and Hub (solo or multiplayer) quests. A big difference is that the Village quests actually guide you on how to tackle the Rampage quests, while the Rampage quests from the Hub don’t give you a tutorial.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Tips
Credit: Capcom

It might be better to advance in the Village quests first (the first Rampage quest comes a little after 3 start quests in Village), rather than just diving into it in multiplayer.

Those are all of the beginner tips and tricks for Monster Hunter Rise. We hope you found them helpful.

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