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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Malachite Ore

Aside from hunting monsters for parts, materials used for forging equipment also include items obtained through gathering and mining. Like in Monster Hunter World, mining does not require a pickaxe. Also, only one action is required to gather or mine from a node to obtain items from it. Here is how to get malachite ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to get malachite ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Like in previous games, malachite ore is an ore that you will come across rather frequently just by mining nodes if you happen to pass by them. However, the earliest you can get malachite ore in Monster Hunter Rise is once you have access to the Sandy Plains locale.

Monster Hunter Rise How to Get Malachite Ore
Credit: Capcom

Malachite ore can be found in any mining node in the Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns in Low Rank. As for High Rank, they can be obtained from any locale, including Shrine Ruins.

Malachite ore is also a reward for breaking Low Rank Basarios’s back and chest, as well as rewards from the quest and drop materials. They can even be carved from Basarios’ corpse and its tail, but doing mining runs is a more efficient way of farming malachite ore.

Armour skills for farming malachite ore

Malachite ore is quite common, but if you ever need to farm them, the armour skill, “Geologist,” is quite helpful. At level 3 Geologist, you are given an extra ore from each node.

Furthermore, if the locale has “Upsurge: Mining Outcrops” in the quest description, the mining nodes will be sparkling. Mining them will result in 3 of each materials gained instead of 1. This stacks with level 3 Geologist, so you can get a crazy amount of ore per mining node.

Credit: Capcom

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