Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide and Tricks


One of the most significant features in Monster Hunter Rise is the Wirebug mechanic, which allows movement with an unprecedented degree of freedom in the Monster Hunter series. Oddly, enough, the full game does not have the Wirebug tutorial quest that was present in the demo, so here’s a Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide.


Credit: Capcom

Wiredashing is the typical movement you will be using, and can only be done while your weapon is sheathed. Wiredashing will pull you towards a direction and will use up one Wirebug Gauge.

The ZL button is known as the “Wirebug Button.” Holding it and pressing either X, A, or ZR will initiate a Wiredash. Here is a simple chart that shows you how each button will move you:

Button CombinationWhile on the groundWhile in the air
ZL + XPull you upward in the direction your hunter is facing.Pull you forward in the direction your hunter is facing.
ZL + APull you forward in the direction your hunter is facing.Pull you downward in the direction your hunter is facing.
ZL + ZRPull you towards the reticle.Pull you towards the reticle.

The general idea is: ZL + X will pull you towards the air or keep you in the air, while ZL + A will pull you towards the ground or keep you on the ground. Both ZL + X and ZL + A will pull you towards the direction your hunter is facing, not the way the camera is facing.

ZL + ZR is more flexible and precise, as it allows you to go in the direction the camera is facing but requires you to aim.

Wirebug Dangle

This is a really simple technique that you won’t be using all that often, but it’s worth noting as part of this Wirebug guide. While you’re in the air, simply press A (without press ZL) and you’ll dangle on a Wirebug in midair for a few second.

Wirebug Guide
Credit: Capcom

Your Wirebug Gauge won’t replenish while dangling, but your stamina will, which is useful for chaining wall runs consecutively.

Wall Running

In order to wall run, you will to Wiredash (ZL + X, ZL + A, or ZL + ZR) into a wall and hold the R (sprint) button. This drains stamina quite fast but is an invaluable method of traversing the map.

In order to wall run almost definitely, you will need to combine this with Wirebug dangling. Essentially, what you do is run up the wall, then your hunter will automatically jump away from the wall after running out of stamina.

Replenish your stamina from dangling, then Wiredash towards the wall again and keep running. Your Wirebugs will regenerate as normal while wall running, which is why you want to have as much stamina as possible before running up a wall.


This one is related to combat but is still relatively easy to pull off. You simply need to press the ZL + B button and input a direction using the control stick to pull yourself towards a direction and instantly recover.

You weapon will also be sheathed, so you can follow up with a healing item immediately.

Wirebug Guide
Credit: Capcom

As a final note on our Wirebug guide, there is Wirebug endemic life situated across the different locales. Pick this up will grant you an additional Wirebug temporarily, so it’s always useful to pick up.

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