Mousesports Win ESL Pro League Season 10!

Mousesports have won the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals, sweeping Fnatic 3-0 in the Grand Final and securing $250,000 in prize money in the process. Mousesports was by no means the favourite going into this tournament despite recently winning CS:GO Asia Championships 2019. But Karrigan and his troops outclassed the competition, defeating ATK, Renegades, Evil Geniuses, and Astralis on their way to the Grand Final. We won’t have to wait long to see Mousesports back in action, as they will compete at cs_summit 5 and EPICENTER 2019!

Grand Final Scores: 3-0 Sweep for Mousesports

Inferno: 16-11

Train: 16-10

Mirage: 16-11

Mousesports Have Truly Arrived!

This is an amazing turnaround for Mousesports, as not too long ago, they were losing to MX1 (Who?) and Virtus Pro in Online ECS matches. Now, Mousesports have won back to back tournaments, defeating the worlds 1st, 3rd, and 4th ranked teams to triumph in Odense. Mousesports now look in prime position to be in the HLTV Top 5 rankings going into 2020. Karrigan continues to prove that he is one of the greatest In-Game-Leaders of all time, and long may it continue. Mousesports now join four other teams (Astralis, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Liquid) in the Intel Grand Slam Season 3 race. In addition, they have locked in a place at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships in Katowice starting February 25th 2020.

Fnatic, Swedish CS is Back!

Back in September, Fnatic brought back Flusha and Golden and have since played four LANs. Three grand final appearances, one tournament victory and a top-four finish have cemented Fnatic as a Top 3 team once again going into 2020. The Swedes had a very impressive run to the grand final, fighting all the way through the lower bracket and defeating the likes of 100 Thieves before conquering Team Liquid in the quarter-final and overcoming Natus Vincere in the semi-final. However, in the grand final, Fnatic simply didn’t show up with the exception of Brollan who, at times, seemed like he was playing 1v9! While Fnatic will leave Odense disappointed, they can look back at the last three months with immense pride, as Swedish CS is truly back!

In addition, it should be mentioned that during the Group Stage, Krimz broke the record for the most kills in a competitive LAN game, ending with 47 Kills!

Natus Vincere, Something is Missing.

Coming into this tournament, Natus Vincere was quoted as saying this was the event they wanted to win. This was going to be the tournament that Navi return. However, even with a full month of practice, the CIS roster once again fell short. Their run wasn’t even that impressive, defeating TYLOO, MIBR and an out of form Evil Geniuses to go straight the semi-final where they were then outclassed by FNATIC.

Once again, Guardian seemed to be the weak link, missing easy shots and looking visibly nervous. How much longer they will put up with his inconsistent performances is yet to be seen, but if I was Navi, I would be looking for another player as soon as possible. It doesn’t even have to be an AWPer; put s1mple back on the AWP if you have to, but a change is needed if Navi want to get back into the Top 5.

Mousesports ESL Pro League

Astralis, Soundproof Booths Incoming!

On December 1st, Astralis won the ECS Season 8 finals, defeating Team Liquid 2-1 in the Grand Final while only dropping two maps throughout the whole tournament. After such a dominant performance, many expected the Danes to also take the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals.

However, the biggest talking point about ESL Pro League Season 10 were the instances with the Danish crowd helping Astralis on several occasions during their semi-final match versus Mousesports. This has made people call for more soundproof booths to be used at events in the future to try and mediate the situation. Even with the crowd’s assistance, Astralis still lost the series with the score at 14-8. The Danes dropped eight rounds in a row, handing Mousesports the 16-14 victory and a place in the Grand Final!

Mousesports ESL Pro League

Team Liquid, Improvement Needed But Looking Good!

Team Liquid is in a strange place right now, no longer the best team in the world or even the second-best, they are in this strange no-mans-land where they have the skill and talent to once again dominate the Counter-Strike scene, or they could just level out as very good Top 5 team but will never be able to get over the roadblock that is Astralis. The North American roster will compete at the BLAST Pro Series: Global Finals starting on December the 12th.

Evil Geniuses, Unreliable (Again…)

Hmmm, Evil Geniuses, It’s now four events in a row where they have failed to make the Grand Final, and at three of those tournaments, they only managed to finish 5-6th. This is not the same team that won ESL One New York and StarSeries Season 8. They can blame jet lag all they want, but they should be finishing deeper at events. Hopefully, getting 16-0’d by Mousesports will give them the wake up they need to get back on track. Tarik and Brehze in particular have been falling off hard at recent events. It appears that if Brehze doesn’t show up for EG, they just aren’t the same roster. We will next to see Evil Geniuses at EPICENTER 2019, the target for that event must be Grand Final.

In Conclusion:

In coming days, we have a number of Counter-Strike tournaments happening, starting with the BLAST Pro Series: Global Finals and the cs_summit 5 both starting on December the 12th. Mousesports will be back in action at the cs_summit 5 and EPICENTER 2019 beginning on December 17th. Finally ENCE, G2 and more will compete at the Champions Cup Finals commencing on December 19th.

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