My Time At Sandrock, My Time At Portia Sequel Coming 2022

The sequel to Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock has just been announced! It’s coming over the next two years to both Steam and consoles, including Nintendo Switch!

Pathea Games have finally announced a sequel to the hugely popular My Time At Portia. It aims to be released as a part of Steam’s Early Access program in March 2021, with a full release coming by Summer 2022. This means, it’ll arrive on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG. So… Pretty much everywhere.

In My Time At Sandrock, you play as a builder who has been recruited to a desolate town to fix it. It’s teeming with outlaws and danger, though… Fixing Sandrock will take efficient resource usage and a bit of hard graft. Where My Time At Portia seems more medieval in its’ inspiration, My Time At Sandrock takes players on a more Wild West inspired adventure.

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What’s interesting, in a way, is that it’s being funded by Kickstarter campaign. Or, at least, some of it is. The developer is seeking $100,000 of additional funding in an effort to polish off the game and work on highly-requested additional features. These include multiplayer and self-publishing. A Pledge of $20 and up will bag you a Steam Key on launch, however, anything less than that will just get you their “Deepest Gratitude”. That, and a wallpaper pack!

The biggest pledge pack that Pathea Games is offering is worth around $10,000. It includes both physical and digital rewards related to My Time At Sandrock, alongside a unique in-game outfit, a signed custom artwork, and the opportunity to name one of the NPC’s in the game! It currently has 0 backers… But, on the whole, My Time at Sandrock‘s Kickstarter Campaign has 360 backers and is about 20% towards its’ goal.

My Time At Sandrock aims to take everything that went right in My Time At Portia and raise it to the next level. Pathea Games are aiming to improve optimisation, generate a more-satisfying narrative arc, and bring additional detail and features to the title’s gameplay. It will also have a similar, Miyazaki-inspired, world for players to explore.

For example, Pathea Games is aiming to include a large variety of mini-games in their sequel. These will hopefully include sparring, gunfighting, sand-fishing and sand-racing. They also aim to add three types of dungeon, which will accompany a revamped combat system.

Below, you can see an excerpt of what they hope to add to the title.

My Time At Sandrock Kickstarter Excerpt

When we started working on Sandrock, it was supposed to be a downloadable addition to My Time at Portia. But as we delved deeper into game production, we realized that in order to fully express the tale of Sandrock, we needed to start from scratch. We required better graphics, better optimization, more story, and more satisfying gameplay systems: basically, we needed better production values across the board. On top of that, we really wanted to include a form of multiplayer that would really meet expectations for our players, and My Time at Portia’s programming structure just didn’t support that.

So, we set a few goals. First, Sandrock will have a similar pathos to My Time at Portia, but offer a completely new experience with new types of gameplay. We’re still aiming for a Miyazaki-inspired kind of world, but with a few other surprises thrown in… Second, we wanted to have the overall story arc be more satisfying, but also with more focus on each individual NPC. Third, we’re going to have a dedicated single-player RPG and a special mode where friends or strangers can play together. Fourth, optimize it and make it as bug-free as possible (we learned a lot of lessons from Portia). Fifth, make sure the sound and voice-acting in this game are up to standard. Finally, we’re going to self-port to the consoles so that we can make sure all the content is consistent across all platforms.

For the full announcement, check out Pathea Games’ Kickstarter Campaign here: My Time At Sandrock Kickstarter

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