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Mystiques Leaves Excel: League of Legends

Mystiques Leaves Excel: The announcement has been posted by ExcelUK on Twitter and confirmed as Mystiques publishes his new bio as “A Free Agent“. This is one of Poland’s best supports leaving one of the UK’s best rosters.

Mystiques Leaves Excel (Source: ExcelUK twitter)

Back in season two, Patryk Mystiques Piórkowski had his account permabanned due to toxicity. In his own words: “I was 16, you know”. Mystiques is now one of the most gifted current support players on the UK and arguably the up and coming EU scene. Born in Poland, Mystiques has been playing League of Legends on a professional stage since November 2014. For him to only now break off from Excel doesn’t make much sense to me.

So what happened?

Why do excellent teams and organisations split and go separate ways from phenomenal talent? Well, this is the golden question.

In this case, we do not know for sure. I highly doubt a talented support player and shot caller at the level Mystiques is playing at simply leaves one of the UK’s most promising lineups. It seems odd to me that he hasn’t got a new team he is jumping straight over to. For him to put “Free agent” in his Twitter bio seems like a massive waste of talent. I truly hope that free agent tag of his does not stay long!

As for the relationship with Excel, Mystiques seemed to be on great ground. If you listen to any of the in-game communications, Mystiques has a great sense of respect from his teammates. He was also regularly doing his bit to promote the brand to fans, something Excel have mastered, especially in the UK.

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The overall reaction isn’t positive

To wrap up my thoughts, I am actually turning to the community. That’s right, you guys! No one seems to happy about it. You only have to read the thread under Excel’s Twitter post to see that.

Comments such as:

“Getting rid of one of the young talents that had a lot of space to grow. Such a smart move 😀 “

” really bad move imo “

“I’m confused by this move given how good he looked in the role, and how Norskeren has looked… okay? Here’s hoping you know what you’re doing.

I would normally like to keep all of my articles unbiased, and I wouldn’t normally lean on community comments. However, on this occasion, I have to agree with the community.

Whatever happens next

Whatever happens next , I am confident that this won’t be the last we see of Mystiques. It is just about which team is lucky enough to pick him up next!

I will be sure to keep you posted, so make sure you check back with Gamezo very soon!