New Agent Skye Primed to Drop on Act 3

After a series of teasers from Riot Games, data-miners have revealed Skye, an agent set to join the VALORANT roster for Act III. Boasting an interesting cocktail of healing and reconnaissance, this Initiator will pack a mean bite.

Earlier today, the developers included a sneak peak at the new content brought by Act III, featuring the new weapon skins, typical information about the Battle Pass and the new map ‘Icebox’. However, they also threw in a reveal of the splash art on the new agent.

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Data-miners struck gold as they managed to get their hands on the new abilities of this fresh addition to the roster, equally succeeding in revealing the area on which battles will be fought inside the ‘Icebox’.

Embedded with the imagery of wolves, Skye seems to be a hybrid between Sage and Sova. Her two basic abilities revolve around healing and gathering intel. Her signature move shares similarities with the Recon Bolt sent by Sova, effectively combining the kit of these two vanilla characters into one potent mix.

With abilities revolving around wild animals, this new agent is bound to be a complete force of nature

Contradicting Sage’s pacifist roots, the ultimate on Skye seems to be conducted towards slaying, with three wolves chasing down her prey.

While Episode 1 Act III of VALORANT is bound to launch this next Tuesday, 13th of October, Skye will eventually only be released on 27th, so we are set to see more news coming out of Riot about this new character.

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