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New Fable & Perfect Dark Coming To Xbox Series X?

Remember last month when I wrote an article about how Perfect Dark and Fable should come to the Xbox Series X? Of course you don’t, but I did, and you can read it here.

Well, it looks like those hopes might just be coming true. Recently, a placeholder Twitter account for Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia was found, adding much fuel to the fire that a new Prince Of Persia game would be coming. Now the same has been found for both Fable and Perfect Dark.

Tom Warren from The Verge reported the two Twitter accounts and also noted that a Microsoft employee follows the Perfect Dark account and that the Fable account has a Microsoft registered e-mail address to it. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg later confirmed them to be genuine but said the accounts have been inactive for years and it is standard practice for a company to secure social media handles for its IPs, which is true. But the Fable account was registered in March 2020 and the Perfect Dark account this month. It seems unlikely that the handle @Fable has never been taken since Twitter first began, so it is likely they were linked to another account and then swapped to a new account ready for when a game is announced.

Another interesting piece of news is that a day ago the Perfect Dark account was inactive with the name Placeholder; now it is an active “fan account” for Perfect Dark. That seems a bit weird and possibly a cover up by Microsoft, especially after Aaron said the Perfect Dark account was owned by Microsoft.

With the next Xbox event in July and many Xbox Series X games expected to be announced, will we see Fable and Perfect Dark announced for the new console?

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