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New Fortnite Skin Available For Refund

Fortnite T-800

Epic Games recently released two Terminator skins for Fortnite. One new Fortnite skin, the T-800, is already up for refund. Here’s all we know…

New Fortnite skin
Credit: Fortnite Intel

Epic Games recently released two new Fortnite skins; a T-800 skin, and a Sarah Connor skin. Not even a week after the release of said skins, the T-800 is available for refunds.

Apparently the Fortnite website worded it in a way that made people believe that an exclusive emote, the Cyberdine Salute, was also included. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Epic Games is doing the right thing, however, and offering refunds for the skin while letting users avoid the usual cost of a refund token.

Fortnite Status tweeted the following:

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Good job, Epic Games. This is how game companies should operate. Make a mistake, fix the mistake. *gentle applause*.

A new Fortnite skin comes out fairly frequently, and the infrequency of mistakes like this on Epic Games’ part shows the level of effort they put into their games and infrastructure.

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