New Gameplay Footage Released for Upcoming Metroidvania GRIME

The MIX Game Dev Direct happened last week, where indie game developers gathered to show off their latest work. GRIME, a surrealist Metroidvania that looks like it was ripped straight out of Bloodborne’s Nightmare Frontier is among a handful of hidden gems you might have missed.

GRIME has players taking on the role of a humanoid black hole, wandering a surrealist wasteland filled with slumbering titans and living rock formations.

The game is clearly very Souls inspired, with a stamina management system, strength and dexterity stats, and even weapons that seem to function like Bloodborne’s trick weapons. The real twist, though, comes from the protagonist’s black hole head.

Instead of a genre-standard parry system, GRIME’s protagonist will instead be able to absorb enemies into his head. The head also comes into play during ranged combat, as it can draw in and redirect enemy ranged attacks.

This new footage has Yarden Weissbrot, the game’s director, exploring the Unformed Desert, one of the game’s areas in GRIME’s larger set of the Broken Sky. In the short three minute video, the developers offer a brand new look at the game’s UI, the inventory system, and mini-bosses.

Fans of Metroidvania games will want to keep an eye on this one. GRIME is due to come out sometime later this year, and it can be wishlisted now on Steam.

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