New Healer in VALORANT Upcoming After Sage Nerf?

New Healer in VALORANT

VALORANT had a big change in the latest update. Patch 1.07 saw a nerf of the healer agent Sage. Her barrier wall was weakened upon placement and her heal went down from 100 health over five seconds to 60 health over five seconds. This huge tweak to her character has players guessing what is next for the composition of VALORANT.

A new agent is expected to release at the end of Act II, as that is the schedule that Riot came up with earlier this year. Sage’s weakening has me thinking that there will be a new healer in VALORANT soon. The patch just made Sage a less-ideal healer candidate.

Riot Morello, VALORANT’s lead character designer, shared a few tidbits on his stream of what this could look like. “All four of her abilities are her heal,” he said, seemingly about a new agent. “But then, they also can resurrect.”

This could be a huge change to the game. Sage was a must-pick in pro matches at certain points, and was routinely on top of content creators tier lists. Could the sentinel get pushed out when competition comes into play? Could teams potentially run two healers?

This is all speculation, of course. But the prospect of a new healer makes a lot of sense. With the next agent becoming the 12th agent to be added to the game, adding another healer would balance the game even more, especially if they were considered a sentinel-class agent.

Currently, Sage is nowhere near what she used to be. The heal is almost pointless with how long it takes and won’t help much in a gunfight. Maybe the question of who plays Sage is answered forever now: nobody. Phoenix and Reyna can heal themselves, and Sage will have some company soon as an agent who heals others.

A new healer in VALORANT would be a very welcome change, if you ask me.