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New LCS Format Announced

New LCS Format

The 2021 LCS season will look a lot different, set with a new format for the upcoming calendar year, Riot is making some changes to NA League of Legends.

2021 will see a new type of LCS season, with a new format, new events and more, LoL Esports announced this evening. Among the overall changes include an “overhauled amateur ecosystem,” a kick-off tournament, an expanded regular season, with the Spring and Summer seasons culminating in an end-of-summer LCS Championship.

LCS Lock In is a three-week season kick-off that has a $150,000 winner-take-all grand final. The event will run from January 15th to the 31st. There is a group stage followed by a single-elimination bracket with the quarter-finals being a best of 3 and the semis and grand final being best of 5s. TSM will be the first seed in Group 1 while Flyquest will be the first seed in Group 2.

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The following week after the Lock In will see the start of the Spring Split, which will run from February 5th to March 14th. There will be three days of matches now, with 5 games on each day, starting with Friday Night League games to the typical Saturday and Sunday LCS matches, which begin at 1 PM PT, or 21:00 GMT.

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After the Spring Split regular season, there will be a Mid-Season Showdown event from March 20th to April 11th. Only the top 6 teams of the Spring Split will attend the double-elimination event. The winner of the event will be crowned the first 2021 LCS Title Champion and earn qualification for the Midseason Invitational (MSI).

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May will be an off month for the LCS, as the Summer Split Regular Season will begin on June 4th and run until August 1st with a triple round robin event over nine weeks. This will culminate in the LCS Championship 2021, where the top 8 seeds will battle in a double-elimination bracket from August 7th to the 29th.

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This is one of the largest format overhauls the LCS has seen in quite some time. And with the complications of Covid-19 messing with the whole landscape of esports, it’s not totally surprising the LCS wants to do something to spice up the format.

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