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New Minecraft Update 1.17 Notable Changes and Features

Minecraft Update 1.17

Minecraft Update 1.17 is coming in 2021 with a whole lot of new changes and features being added to the game.

The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update is going to be huge for the game. The patch was announced at Minecraft Live 2020 back on October 3 and there are a bunch of changes and additions coming to Minecraft.

In a previous article, the additions to the game like new mobs, ores, and geographical oddities were covered. This article will detail the changes to existing parts of the game and some other new items. Caves will be covered deeper in a separate article.

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Notable Block Changes

Candle Cake: The cake block now has a variation where you can place a candle on an untouched cake. The candle is a new block in the game and it can modify the cake block. When a player eats any of the candle cake the candle will fall off.

Minecraft Update 1.17
Credit: Mojang

Lava and Snow Cauldrons: Cauldrons can now hold lava and the new powder snow block. With the update there will be normal, water, lava, and powdered snow cauldrons in the game.

Lapis lazuli block: Now named “Block of Lapis lazuli”.

Rails: Rails can now be filled with water and will no longer break on contact with water.

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Item Changes

Clock: The clock will be updated to change to a more colorful gold and better matches the other gold-based crafted items.

Compasses: The regular compass and the Lodestone compass also will receive texture changes. Like the clock the metal (iron in this case) will be shinier and will match other iron-based items.

Firework Rockets: Simple Firework Rockets can be crafted with one gunpowder.

Pufferfish Poison: The pufferfish poison effect has been decreased by two levels from IV to II.


XP orbs: XP orbs will drop in clusters instead of dropping all individually. This will increase performance in the game without dropping the amount of XP you can get from a drop.

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