New Skins in VALORANT, Data Miners Find

The most recent VALORANT patch placed Skye into the game, tweaked Cypher, Breach and Killjoy and changed part of how the economy works in the game. Now, data miners have found new skins in VALORANT, and potential support for controllers in the game files. Data miners have done a lot of work to leak new skins early, often spoiling Riot’s own announcements for their pricy skin bundles

@ValorLeaks on Twitter showed the Wasteland Skins yesterday. The new skins in VALORANT look like they take a new spin on skins for the Marshall, Shorty, Vandal, Spectre and Sherriff, making them look like they are put together by scrap metal found in a dump. Think Real Steel when Hugh Jackman and his kid steal parts for a robot boxer, but digital and for VALORANT guns.

Although the Patch 1.11 was not very smooth. In North America, Brazil and Latin America the updates came in slower due to a lot of bugs. There also is some other new skins in VALORANT, the Reaver Operator level 4 creates a dark final-kill cam and should be released soon.

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The Reaver pack is coming back, as Riot teased last week. There is going to be a few new and more updated tweaks to the very popular skin pack. On October 23, Riot put out a very odd message, inviting people to decode the message on their tweet. Eventually, people figured out that there would be more Reaver variants coming out.

new skins in VALORANT
@ValorLeaks on Twitter

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