New VALORANT Agent ‘Killjoy’ Revealed

Riot said we could expect a new VALORANT agent rather frequently through the stages of the game. Right around launch, they introduced Reyna, and now players have another agent to try out very soon in Killjoy. A German tech specialist, Killjoy possesses a turret, an alarm bot, and an ultimate that scans a whole area.

Another Sentinel agent in the vein of Cypher, Killjoy looks primed to hold down bombsites while ruining enemy attacks. Killjoy sports a yellow jacket, black round frame glasses and a green beanie.

Initial leaks of the agent came from data miners who pointed out the oddity of a turret in a tactical 5v5 shooter. She seems to be in the vein of Torbjorn from Overwatch. She is expected to launch in the near future. 

Killjoy marks the 12th agent in the game now, joining Sage and Cypher as a third sentinel. It will be interesting to see how the new VALORANT agent fits into the meta.