New VALORANT Map “Breeze” Unveiled by Riot

breeze concept art

Riot Games have begun teasing their newest VALORANT map called “Breeze” which is expected to release with Episode 2 Act 3 on the 28th of April.

Breeze will be the third map to be added to the game since the games beta and will become the sixth overall. Many fans have reacted to the teasers saying it reminds them of Cobblestone from competitor game CS:GO. A map that is beloved by the CS:GO community and wanted by many to be returned to the map pool.


It’s going to be interesting what the map will look like within the current pool of maps and how it’ll rank amongst them. Will we see Riot will decide to go with the Valve or Activision way of map pools for competitive, switching them in and out as the meta gets stale?

As Episode 2, Act 2 draws to a close, we can expect to learn more information about the newest map very soon.

With Riot taking players to the beach in late April with the new VALORANT map, how do you think this is going to change the competitive VALORANT?

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