NFLDropEA Trending As Backlash To Madden 21 Grows

Once again, Madden fans are not happy with EA’s upcoming title. NFLDropEA was briefly trending as fans continue to express their complaints.

It isn’t exactly the most breaking news, as gamers are rarely ever completely happy with EA, but once again, gamers are unhappy with EA. Each new release of Madden is often just a roster update with no real changes coming to the game. It’s a similar story with FIFA games. However, in recent years, EA have added Volta.

Anyway, when Madden 21 was announced for next-gen consoles, long-time Madden players were quick to criticize the fact that it seems nothing has really changed. 

Other than graphical improvements and Roster changes, not a lot has happened…

NFLDropEA Was A Brief Highlight Showing Years Of Annoyance

The movement was short, but provided an opportunity for many to express their grievances. Some took to Twitter to make jokes, but there were many legitimate complaints regarding the number of long-lasting bugs and errors that are present in Madden games. One Twitter user even pointed out that Madden 21 got review-bombed so much that it is the lowest rating in Metacritic’s history.  

Another Twitter user was quick to point out the laziness in Madden 21‘s design work.

When you look at NBA2K20‘s career mode and the detail it has, it’s clear to see why Madden fans are a little annoyed.

This outrage is something that comes part-in-parcel with every new Madden title. It’s an okay game, but there is never anything quite outstanding about it. It has problems which you feel should have been dealt with years ago. Still, the people will buy Madden and nothing will change I imagine. As is the way. 

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