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Nintendo Announces Super Mario 64, Sunshine & Galaxy Remasters For Nintendo Switch

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, which was released way back in 1985, Nintendo have gone all out with new Mario releases, including the highly requested remasters of Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, which will be released as a bundle later this month.

During a recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed a whole host of new Super Mario games coming over the coming months, including a Battle Royale-esque game, a new Game & Watch system, and more. Here is a breakdown of everything that was announced today:

Super Mario All-Stars Now Available On Nintendo Switch Online

Way back in 1993, Nintendo released Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, which brought Super Mario Bros 1, Lost Levels (2 in Japan), Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros 3 to the SNES, with updated 16-bit graphics. Later, in 1994, it was rereleased, adding Super Mario World to the collection. This collection was ported to the Wii in 2010 to celebrate Super Mario’s 25th anniversary. Now, for the 35th anniversary, the collection has been brought the the Nintendo Switch SNES Online collection. The game will use the 16-bit graphics like the original SNES collection. For those who prefer the original 8-bit NES versions, those are already on the service, but it is nice to have an option, as I prefer the 16-bit version of 2 and 3 but the 8-bit for the original Super Mario Bros game.

Super Mario All-Stars is available on Nintendo Switch Online now.

Super Mario 35 – A New Battle Royale-esque Game – October 1st

Running from October 1st 2020-March 31st 2021, the Tetris 100 inspired, Super Mario 35 will bring the Battle Royale genre to the world of Super Mario. The game sees 35 players all competing as they each play Super Mario Bros. The game mixes things up by sending defeated enemies from your game to other players’ games. For example, if you stomp on a Goomba, then a Goomba will be randomly sent to someone else’s screen, but this also means this can happen to you, too. The game has similar features to Tetris 100 where you can send enemies to specific players, such as those that are attacking you, or are low on coins. The game continues until there is just 1 Mario remaining.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit – October 16th

Have you ever wanted to build a real life Mario Kart course in your own home and use RC carts to race? Of course you have. Nintendo already sell the cars. Well, have you ever wanted to build a real life Mario Kart course in your home, use RC cars with cameras on them, and then play the course using your Nintendo Switch to control the carts? Probably not, but on October 16th, you can.

The idea is pretty cool though; you use a car with a camera which then maps the course onto your TV and even uses CPU characters on screen to race against, giving a more fully fledged Mario Kart experience using remote-controlled carts. There will be 2 sets, Mario and Luigi, and each will cost £99/$99, so it is a £/$ 200 commitment to get going. I would’ve just been happy with Mario Kart 9 or DLC for 8, to be honest.

Super Mario Bros Game & Watch System – November 13th

If you’ve over the age of about 28, you may remember the Game & Watch, a collection of handheld systems released by Nintendo that each had a single game on them, displayed on a LCD screen and had an overlay printed on the screen. I used to have the Donkey Kong vertical multi screen game from 1982; I have no idea how it came to be in my possession as a kid, because I was born in 1990. These were pretty fun but were discontinued after the Gameboy was released. Now Nintendo are releasing a new Super Mario Bros one for £44.99, which includes Super Mario Bros, The Lost Levels, Ball, and a digital clock. Thankfully, it is a colour screen this time, and this looks like a fun novelty item.

Also, apparently they were called Game & Watch because they had a clock on them. I never knew that…seems quite obvious, really.

Super Mario 3D World Port – February 12th 2021

The Wii U had some fantastic games, and many have been ported to the Switch, which makes sense considering the system only sold 13 million units worldwide. The latest game to be ported is Super Mario 3D World which is being released on February 12th 2021. The game is a really fun 3D Mario that continues on from the multiplayer style that the DS games started with the New and 3D Land series. This version will also come with extra content called ‘Bowser’s Fury’. If you didn’t own a Wii U then I highly recommend you check this out, as well as other fantastic games that have been ported over the years.

It has also been confirmed that 2 new Amiibo’s will be released alongside 3D World: a Cat Mario and Cat Peach figure.

EVENTS – September-January

In addition to new games to celebrate Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary, there will also be various events and merchandise across various games. The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System was recently released, allowing fans to build an NES out of LEGO. It doesn’t work or anything, but it’s a nice collector’s piece.

On September 9th, there will be an event for the Mario Kart World Tour mobile game. In November, there will be a 35th Anniversary themed speedrun course on Mario Maker 2. Across November & December, there will be Mario themed online tournaments on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and finally, in January, there will be a Mario themed Splatfest on Splatoon.

In addition to events, there will be 35th Anniversary merchandise as well as some Splatfest merchandise available on the official Nintendo Store.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars – September 18th

On September 18th, Nintendo will release Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which sees Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy bundled into one collection. These games were released on the N64, Gamecube and Wii respectively. The games will feature a higher resolution and a smoother gameplay experience, but apart from that, they are just ports rather than remasters or remakes. Notably absent is Galaxy 2, also released on the Wii. It seems strange to release these 3 and leave Galaxy 2 off the bundle. Perhaps it will be released at a later date.

Another strange thing to note is that the collection will only be available to purchase on the Eshop until March 31st 2021. It is unclear why this is the case. Perhaps they will then bundle 3D World with it and sell it again, or maybe add Galaxy 2. The game will thankfully be available in physical format as well, so it won’t just disappear forever, but it is a really strange move by Nintendo. We reported on this collection being rumoured way back in March, and it was expected to be announced at E3 2020, which was cancelled due to the current pandemic.

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