Nintendo Switch Pro Coming In 2021, Reports Suggest

A new report has suggested that a Nintendo Switch Pro (unofficial name) console is coming at some point in the next year. This upgraded model will have a better display and improved “interactivity”. 

Sources close to the Nintendo Switch supply chain have seemingly confirmed a new console is being developed. Reports of this new console originated from a site entitled Economic Daily News. Unfortuntately, there is little else to report from this source. Almost no other details about the console have been confirmed by the report.

We do know a couple of things, though. Firstly, the Nintendo Switch Pro will have a higher-quality screen. This could mean it’s larger or operates at a higher resolution and frame rate. Who knows, right? We also know that it will support more “interactivity”. Unfortunately, again, there is little information on what this entails. The source suggests that the new console will be going into production later this year for a 2021 Q1 release! 

Nintendo Switch Pro
The Nintendo Lite proved popular with it’s lower price-tag. Will you buy a more expensive model?

Will The Nintendo Switch Pro Be More Powerful?

Sadly, nothing has been released in relation to the power of the console itself. However, this might not be out of the realm of possibility. A higher-quality display would need to be supported by better software, so there could be some improvements. I expect these would be related to internal storage, battery capacity, and possibly the weight. Nintendo Switch consoles are heavy enough as it is!

Fans of Nintendo will know they aren’t strangers to upgrading consoles. I’m looking at you 2DS! It isn’t out of the realms of possibility that the Nintendo Switch will receive the same sort of treatment, especially going into the Next Gen. There is a rumored Nintendo Direct to be happening next week, however, which would be a good time to announce this. Although… this is unconfirmed. 

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