Nintendo to Purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3 Developers

Luigi's Mansion 3

In an interesting development, Nintendo has just announced their intention to buy the developers of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Canadian video game developers Next Level Games —best known for producing games mainly for Nintendo systems.

Nintendo released a statement on January 5th, stating:

‘Nintendo Co., Ltd. would like to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of Next Level Games Inc. and to make it a wholly owned subsidiary’.

Credit: Nintendo

Next Level Games, established in 2002, have developed 12 games on Nintendo’s various platforms since 2003, including popular titles such as Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS, and the Punch-Out!! Wii reboot.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a commercial success for both Nintendo and Next Level Games, selling 7.83 million copies as of September 2020 and becoming the 11th best selling Nintendo Switch game of all time.

A number of owner-directors recently determined that the time is right for them to sell their shares, and NLG therefore began exploring the potential sale transactions. Completion of the Acquisition will serve to secure the availability of NLG development and resources for Nintendo, including development expertise, as well as facilitate an anticipated improvement in development speed and quality by enabling closer communication and exchange of staff with the Nintendo development team.

Credit: Nintendo

While there are no specific details with regards to the game studio’s acquisition deal, Nintendo states that they expect the acquisition to be finalised by March 1, 2021, pending the agreement and approval of shareholders, and regulatory approval under the Investment Canada Act.

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