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OG CS:GO Reduced to Three as ISSA Joins NBK on the Bench

After a disappointing campaign at ESL Pro League Season 13, OG CS:GO has announced this Tuesday that it will be reduced to three as it parts ways with Issa ‘ISSA’ Murad. The Jordanian will now be moved to the sidelines, sitting along with Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt who was benched in late February.

Having remained with an unaltered starting five since its inception into CS:GO, OG confirms now its second roster change in just two months.

Despite the limited success surrounding its debut into CS:GO, OG had remained faithful to its project, even as the team struggled to perform under the circumstances of the pandemic. Until 2021, the only change in the team had been the addition of Casper ‘ruggah’ Due to the coaching role.

Based on Jordan, ISSA had to deal with a number of ping problems, drawing most of the fire directed at the squad for its lacklustre runs at online events.

However, it would be Major-Champion Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt the first to see the door, with the French player being removed from the team ahead of their campaign at ESL Pro League Season 13, with former Heroic player Nikolaj ‘niko’ Kristensen standing-in.

NBK got one last dance with the team, returning for a single series as OG went against Heroic, as Niko was sidelined due to a possible conflict-of-interest.

After evaluation over time, it became clear to both parts that for ISSAA to flourish and OG to keep improving, changes were needed and these paths had to continue separately. I’m a bit sad we couldn’t give ISSAA the optimal situation to bang heads, since he has proven throughout his career that he is a player capable of challenging the very best on the server.

Casper ‘ruggah’ Due, OG CS:GO Coach

Albeit reports of niko becoming a permanent addition to the squad, OG has announced that it will be conducting try-outs in the next few days to know who will take the last two slots in the team. The roster will have plenty of time to accommodate these new changes, as its next event is BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, which is one month away.

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