Old School RuneScape Launches on Steam

OSRS, a separate version of RuneScape 3, based on an August 2007 version before the controversial Evolution of Combat update of the game has officially launched on Steam.

This comes just two days after its 8th year anniversary, having been originally released on February 22, 2013. This year also happens to be RuneScape’s 20th anniversary.

The Steam release comes with 20 Achievements, 15 Trading Cards, 5 emoticons, and 6 badges to collect, and according to Jagex, Achievements will be tracked on and off Steam, meaning that they will carry over regardless of what client you are using. Furthermore, Steam players will be able to find UI Scaling in the game’s settings.

OSRS Steam
Credit: Jagex

There are also several updates to the game, based on Polls that players had voted in, such as the ability to charge Amulets of Blood Fury to 30,000, up from 10,000, with each blood shard adding 10,00 charges at a time.

This is a quality of life update that allows players to charge their Amulets of Blood Fury before reaching 0 without wasting any charges.

There is also an option to display precise kill times, and Nightmare’s parasites will now heal her for a random amount within a more consistent number range.

Despite being an older version of the game, OSRS has proven to be wildly successful and consistently has larger viewership than its RuneScape 3 counterpart. OSRS Steam is available for free, but players will still need to pay a subscription fee (or use a Bond) in order to obtain membership and gain full access to the game.

If you haven’t yet played OSRS, or have last played it at its peak in 2007, now is a good time to head on over to Gielinor and begin a fresh adventure!

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