Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: New Operator “Flores” Revealed

Operation Crimson Heist

Ubisoft has just revealed a teaser for their 59th operator, “Flores, The Master Thief” who is set to be released with Operation Crimson Heist which is set to kick off on February 21st.

Operation Crimson Heist will kick off Y6S1 of Rainbow Six Siege. The last operation, Neon Dawn, came with the release of a new defender named Aruni. With the last operator being a defender, we can assume that this Argentinian operator will be an attacker.

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In this teaser, we can see the new operator controlling an RC car, presumably rigged with a C4. A data miner in late November revealed that the name of this gadget is supposedly called “RCE-Ratero”

The data miner also revealed that “you can click the primary gadget button to deploy an explosive drone, you can control it like any other drone. You can click the gadget button again to start a 5-second timer after which it will detonate. The explosion is like a C4..”

You can visit Rainbow Six Twitch channel on February 21st at 12 pm EST for a full reveal of Crimson Heist and the next Year of Rainbow Six Siege.

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