Our Team


  • Edward StrazdBased in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, Edward is a Guides Editor at Gamezo. He's all about esports and gaming and plays a little bit of everything but his favorite game of all time is Destiny 2. Lowkey motorsport fan. Contact: edward@gamezo.co.uk
  • Paul TuthillBased in Glasgow, UK, Paul is the Founder of Gamezo. He never fails to load up Clash of Clans whenever entering the public. Contact: paul[at]gamezo.co.uk


  • Andrei NituBased in Romania, Andrei is a Guides Writer at Gamezo. He is an esports, gaming, and film lover. In his spare time, he is a competitive League of Legends and Yu-Gi-Oh! Player and a punk rock aficionado.
  • Burak YazarBased in Istanbul, Turkey, Burak is a Guides Writer at Gamezo. He loves video games, high-production shows, post apocalyptic stories and more.
  • Camisha PisentiBased in the United States, Camisha is a Guides Writer at Gamezo. She is a fan of RPGs and simulation games but also plays a bit of everything. In her spare time, she also streams.
  • Jack SalterBased in England, Jack is a Guides Writer at Gamezo. When he's not writing on games, he's playing just about every platformer and metroidvania under the sun.
  • Shane MoosaAvid gamer and passionate writer, I play most games but have a special love for those with a deep lore. From the Souls games all the way to platformers like Hollow knight, I play them all! Oh and (noise alert) I play drums in my free time.