Overwatch 2 Announced at Blizzcon

Overwatch 2 Gameplay

     Blizzcon started off strong with the announcement of Overwatch 2. The spotlight was on Blizzard this week after the Twitter user @Metro_OW leaked information about Overwatch 2’s gameplay and cinematic details

     Before Jeff Kaplan revealed Overwatch 2, he joked about the leaks, saying that they remind him of what to say about the game since he can be forgetful. He then introduced Overwatch 2 with a cinematic of a Null Sector invasion in Paris. Winston, Mei and Tracer intervene as best as they can before Genji comes in to save them along with Reinhardt, Brigette, Mercy and a new hero named Echo. At the end of the short, Winston confirms Overwatch has returned. 

What’s Coming for Overwatch 2?

     In addition to the short, we also received information about gameplay in the reveal as well. Overwatch 2 has a replayable co-operative game modes called Hero Missions. The co-operative experience has a progression system which gives you the option of customization to your hero. There is a new core game mode called Push. It is a PvP game mode that will be in Quick Play and Competitive and it will be used in the Overwatch League as an added game mode.

Sojourn, newest hero to Overwatch 2

     Toronto has been revealed to be a new PvP map in the game. Rio de Janeiro is confirmed as a new map along with Gothenburg and Monte Carlo. Jeff Kaplan also confirmed Sojourn as a new character. Also, since we have a sneak peek at Echo in the cinematic trailer, there is a possibility that Echo will be a new hero as well.  

Jeff also mentioned that the heroes are receiving new looks. For example, we see a prominent change in Lucio’s look and his new hair. Tracer and Mercy have minor changes to their outfits, and Reinhardt has also been given a man bun. Even Genji is sporting a casual outfit. The cinematic has shown major upgrades in details, and overall the game seems to have a softer look. New lore has been revealed that Torbjorn has taken in Bastion and we can see from the character art, Bastion is wearing Torbjorn’s favorite hat.

     Jeff clarified that anyone who owns the original Overwatch game can play the same maps and heroes in Overwatch 2. Also, all achievements made in the original Overwatch game will move forward with you in to Overwatch 2.