PAYDAY 3 Is Finally 100% Funded After 8 Years

A recent tweet from OVERKILL Software has finally announced that the long-awaited sequel to PAYDAY 2, PAYDAY 3, has received enough funding to receive a release window thanks to an agreement from Starbreeze and Koch Media to co-operate on the publishing of the title.

8 years ago we saw the release of the hit heist simulator PAYDAY 2. Fans of the first game waited 2 years after the release of the first game to receive their sequel.

Credit: GamingBolt

Here’s the tweet:

Despite years of waiting for another entry to the series, OVERKILL Studios has been constantly releasing post-launch content over the last 8 years. The game currently has over 30 DLC packs including crossovers with other hit games like Goat Simulator and Hotline Miami, and the game itself has been updated approximately 200 times.

A large part of the content could be purchased all at once on consoles if players purchased the Crimewave or Big Score editions of the game. On PC, players could pick up the Legacy Collection or Ultimate Edition to receive this benefit.

Credit: smiley (Steam Community)

In PAYDAY 2, players are constantly receiving high octane action gameplay or masterfully crafted stealth heisting experiences. With the ability to plan out their heists ahead of time, players can adjust variables of the environment by spending a little bit of money to assure the heist will carry out to their exact specifications.

The story of the PAYDAY franchise will also see some continuation. PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 had a non-linear story experience that players could trace by looking into the dialogue of the contractors for whom they work. This allowed deep lore enthusiasts to trace a line from the famous Four Stores Heist all the way to the White House- everything covered in mystique and intrigue as players discovered the involvement of an Illuminati-Esque secret entity.

We can truly only speculate what content we will see when PAYDAY 3 finally releases, but it’s sure to be nothing less than completely riveting, to say the least. With the news of the 2023 window, players should still keep their guns hot and their masks at-the-ready to take on whatever new experience OVERKILL will have prepared.

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