Perfect Dark: New Game Announced Via The Game Awards

The 2020 Game Awards started off to a strong start. Microsoft’s The Initiative announced a new Perfect Dark game as an “in-development” title. Here’s everything we know…

Did you read that title right? A new Perfect Dark game? I know. It isn’t exactly what we were expecting, but it isn’t the worst news.

At the 2020 Game Awards, a lot of new information was revealed. Master Chief is coming to Fortnite… Sephiroth is joining Smash. And now Perfect Dark is coming back to next-generation consoles. It truly is a wild time.

new Perfect Dark Game
The Old Reboot Wasn’t Well Recieved… / Credit: Xbox Games Studios

Unfortunately, other than the teaser trailer below, we don’t actually know a lot about this new Perfect Dark game. However, it seems to follow a similar trend to the original.

In the trailer, a narrator describes a world suffering from the drastic damage to the environment, the remnants of extreme climate change. However, corporations appear to be offering a way out.

All the other Perfect Dark titles have the player uncovering conspiracies rooted in corporations, so… I guess this’ll be a similar venture.

New Perfect Dark Game Expected To Reboot Series

Alright. This isn’t to say that this Perfect Dark installation fits into the larger timeline in some unique way… Rather than completely redoing the Perfect Dark universe. The Initiative have confirmed that it’s a “reimagining of the Perfect Dark franchise”, but that’s it.

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The Initiative was formed in 2018, collating talent from Crystal Dynamics, Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, and more. The Initiative’s focus is single-player AAA titles. Perfect Dark is currently the only title announced for the studio.

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