Phantom or Vandal?

Should you Choose the Phantom or Vandal?

The two best rifles for VALORANT are undoubtedly the Phantom and the Vandal. Taking after the meta of FPS games before, the Phantom is a more-accurate but less deadly silenced weapon and the Vandal is a more loud, one-tap headshot gun. The dilemma on which to use comes down to preference, mainly, but is one better than the other?

Maybe, maybe not. The guns are balanced pretty well with how, on offense and defense, there are situations where one is better than the other or equal. The Vandal seemed to have an edge during the beta, but players found the Phantom to be the more useful gun later on.

For example, in the most recent large tournament finals, out of the eight players sporting a Vandal or Phantom, only two went for the Vandal. This was on Haven between top NA teams Gen.G and TSM.

But this shouldn’t sway you in any way. Chances are, you don’t have the same gun skill that professional players do. That extra headshot opportunity makes the Phantom even more worthwhile for some players. Yet the Vandal is more powerful along long-range.



Fully automatic

11 rounds/sec fire rate (hip fire)

9.9 rounds/sec fire rate (zoomed)


0m-15m Body 39/Head 156/Leg 33

15m-30m Body 35/Head 140/Leg 30

30m-50m Body 31/Head 124/Leg 26

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Wall Penetration: Medium

Price: 2,900


Fully automatic

9.25 rounds/sec fire rate (hip fire)

8.32 rounds/sec fire rate (zoomed)


0m-50m: body 39/Head 156/Leg 33

Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds

Wall Penetration: Medium

Price: 2,900

As you can see from the stats, the Phantom fires quicker and holds more bullets while dropping off power over range. The Vandal does not lose any power, so any headshot is an automatic kill. The Phantom lags behind a bit when it comes to long-range gunfights and taking defenders off long sights, yet the Phantom has much better recoil and is easier to control.

If you are someone who plays slow and goes for one-taps, the Vandal might be better for you. If you fancy spraying and taking down enemies all at once, the Phantom might suit you. I feel like the guns can be interchangeable, and you can buy one whenever. Getting best at both of them is ideal. 


Alright, enough with the statistics talk, which one can you pimp out more?

Phantom skins:

@Floxayyy on Twitter

Vandal skins:

Currently, nothing can beat that Vandal Elderflame. Yet the Nebula Phantom looks very very promising. 

So if you want: low recoil, high fire rate, and more magazine space, go to the Phantom.

If you want: high power, headshots and slightly cooler skins, go Vandal.

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