Philippine Esports Has A New Governing Body: PESO

This is a huge step for Philippine Esports. POC has officially accredited PESO as the governing body for Philippine esports.

In an official statement earlier this week, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)has formally announced that the Philippine Electronic Sports Organization (PESO) is the official national sports association for Philippine esports. This marks a huge step for the future of esports in the nation.

We are honoured and grateful for the trust that the POC placed in us. We embrace this huge responsibility as we continue to support our athletes and push the growth and development of Esports in the country.

PESO President, Brian Lim

This wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, but you have to think it was the right one. The accreditation process was rigorous, considering the years of experience PESO had alongside it’s relationships with other reputable esports organisations. From 2012, PESO has been a good-standing member of the IESF. The International Esports Federation is the oldest organisation of it’s kind, with 82 members globally. Just last year, this organisation signed an agreement with the Asian Esports Federation to further promote esports across the region.

Philippine Esports
Credit: Mineski Philippines

PESO’s appointment as the Governing Body of Philippine Esports has been done in an effort to push for a transparent, fair, structure to global esports. PESO’s member-organisations include Bren Esports, Mineski Philippines, and Tier One Entertainment.

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Alongside these, and a few others, PESO successfully pushed for the debut of esports as a medal event in the SEA Games last year. This is a huge step in furthering the legitimacy of esports as a competitive facet of the larger sports category.

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