PlayStation Leak Suggests Return to Former Destiny Location

A recent leak has brought forth several rumors that Bungie may be taking players back to the old Tower from Destiny 1. Let’s talk about it…

Destiny 1 Tower
Credit: Fandom

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All the way back in the original Destiny, the “headquarters” or “home base” of the Vanguard and Guardians everywhere was The Tower. The Tower was home, the last safe city. Until the Red Legion of the Cabal showed up and blew it up, thrusting players into a new world–a new age of Destiny in Destiny 2. With the release of Destiny 2, players were introduced to a new Tower at the end of the campaign, and while most have grown accustomed to calling it home…some still cling to the old Tower. However, Beyond Light may see a return to the original Tower as a few new images have since been released giving us a look at a recently reconstructed Tower and a healed Traveler.

New leaked image of healed traveler and former Tower
Credit: Reddit

In a recent Reddit post by user u/Felwinter_123, the above image was shown to be found in a new PlayStation Store HTML code. The image shows a healed traveler and a reconstructed Tower from Destiny 1, along with 3 guardians seemingly making their return to the last city. Many players are now extremely eager to see what Bungie has in store if we are, indeed, returning to the beloved “vendor-worship pit-stop” or if it may just be a tease for a single mission or something small? I do hope that we will be returning to the old Tower in all of its former glory instead of just another Zero Hour mission that takes us back for 30 minutes and then back to orbit.

Do you think we will see a full return to the Destiny 1 Tower in Beyond Light (or beyond)? Let us know in the comments down below!

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