Playstation Now Games Coming in March 2021

Playstation Now Games March 2021

Playstation has just released the list of games that we will see joining the streaming service on March 2, 2021.

Would you rather be flying with superhuman powers or with a handful of trained jet fighters behind you? How about choosing between fighting off hundreds of zombies with whatever you can find or slicing and shooting your way through time against polygonal foes?

Well, with these new additions to the over 400 games currently available to download or stream, you won’t even need to choose- you can enjoy every scenario!

Credit: ABC 10

InFamous: Second Son

In InFamous: Second Son (the third game in the InFamous series), we join carefree graffiti artist Delsin Rowe as he obtains new powers that drastically change him and disrupt the carefree life he lives in Seattle, Washington.

With an engaging story that presents you with decisions that could change how the everyday citizen views Delsin and immersive and stylish gameplay that sees you taking Seattle either by storm or with grace, you’ll easily lose countless hours enjoying every fragment, power, and side mission this game has to offer.

Credit: Epic Games

World War Z

It’s guns, guts, gore, and glory galore in World War Z!

Fight off hoards of ravenous zombies in beautiful locales like New York, Tokyo, Jerusalem and Moscow in this 4-player co-op experience or challenge the hoard alone with a handful of AI to watch your back. With skill trees to fill, guns to level-up and dozens of surprises along the way, dig-in for one of the most heart-pounding action-horror titles available on the market.

Credit: Microsoft

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Hop into the cockpit of some of the world’s most premiere fighter jets and lay waste to your enemies in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

You’ll be barrel-rolling and dogfighting all night long in this wildly immersive and entertaining aerial combat game. Pick your plane from an assortment of different vehicles and stock up on your choice of weaponry before taking to the skies to assure that you’ll destroy any foes who cross your path.

Players with a PS VR can also take part in a lifelike flight and fight simulation experience in the VR-compatible missions.

Credit: Epic Games


Last but not least we are receiving the time bending, action-packed FPS Superhot.

Here, time only moves when you do so take advantage of assessing your threats and destroying them with pinpoint accuracy before they get the drop on you. Feel free to toss a bottle at one enemy’s head before taking his gun to eliminate the next four threats.

Superhot will make you feel like Neo from the Matrix as you slow down time to dodge bullets and deliver devastating blows on each of your enemies.

Those are the new inclusions to Playstation Now for March 2021. These fours games will keep you engaged and on your toes no matter which you choose to dive headlong into first.

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