PoE Scion Ascendancy Class: You Only Have One Choice

Still deciding on your Path of Exile Class? Here’s a helpful explanation of the PoE Scion Ascendancy Class to help you decide if The Scion Class is what you want to go with. Here, I’ll discuss the following: The Ascendant. 

PoE Scion Ascendancy Class

The Ascendant Ascendancy

PoE Scion Ascendancy Class
Credit: Gamepedia

Okay, that is a lot of Ascendant-ing… But, as you might imagine this Ascendancy is the most flexible of the lot. It essentially means you can take on a number of passive abilities based on all the other Ascendancy subclasses. They all offer similar benefits to their originals, but a lot of the time feature somewhat mitigated effects. You can only take one Ascendancy subclass passive from each base class, though. So, it’s important to decide on how you want to build your character and plan accordingly.

The Ascendant Ascendancy can pick up to two subclass passives, then invest into another subclass’ path in order to receive another starting point. This subclass is best for the indecisive, or those who want to explore the multitude of combinations that Path of Exile has to offer.

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