Pokemon Cafe Mix: Update 1.80 Adds New Stages, Gimmicks, & More

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a delightful puzzle game that has you running a Pokemon-themed cafe, Update 1.80 adds new stages, new events, new gimmicks, and more. Here’s all we know.

During Pokémon Presents earlier this year, The Pokémon Company introduced a number of new titles to the world. One of those, which was released on June 24, was Pokemon Cafe Mix. This puzzler has proven popular since it’s launch, even being nominated for the Best Mobile Game at the 2020 Video Game Awards!

Now, with the holiday season fully in swing, Pokemon Cafe Mix has received another update. Here’s everything we know about the time-limited additions and the changes that have been made as apart of the game’s 1.80 version.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Update

Master Café Mode Refined

  • Players will play in a randomly-selected order of randomly-selected Orders;
  • Order number will range from #001 to #999, but it is possible to continue past this;
  • Once finished, the Order number will reset and restart from #001;
  • The Highest Order that is reached will not reset when displayed on your profile and friends list;

Item & Acorn Exchange

  • Acorns can be exchanged for boosters and puzzle powers in the shop;
  • It is possible to get multiple of the same items through this exchange;
  • An item set allows you to exchange multiple items, with a max no. of 999;

New Events

  • Special Customer Event;
  • Chansey ( Available until Jan 27 );
  • Grookey ( Available until Jan 13 );
  • Sobble ( Available until Jan 9 );
  • Scorbunny ( Available until Jan 4 );
Pokemon Cafe Mix Update
Credit: The Pokémon Company

New Stages

  • Stages #001 to #700 ( regular ) are now available with no end-date;
  • Stages #001 to #300 ( master ) are now available with no end-date;
  • Order #701 to #750 ( regular ) are now available with no end-date;
  • Order #751 to #800 ( regular ) are now available with no end-date;

Store Updates

  • New Year’s Pack is available until Jan 2;

Log-In Bonus

  • Log-in at least 3 times to get a Shiny Celebi reward, available until Jan 31;
  • For new players, a special set of Daily Log-In Bonuses are available with no end-date;

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Pokemon Cafe Mix is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. It is a free-to-start title that features popular Pokemon assisting the player in a café with puzzle-based gameplay.

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