Pokemon Masters EX to See Massive Gameplay Updates Through August – New Sync Pairs Added

Pokemon has been the talk of the gaming community recently, and the news doesn’t stop with their main line games – which if you don’t already know are rumored to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes. Pokemon Masters EX is no exception to the Pokemon-hype-train as it’s also seen some updates to its roster recently and will be seeing some grand changes in the coming weeks. 

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Firstly, May, the female protagonist from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby has been added to the game with her partner Pokemon, Mudkip. Mudkip can be fully evolved to Swampert through the game’s evolution stone mechanic, and when fully evolved has access to Mega Evolution. May is available now in Pokemon Master’s EX.

Credit: The Pokemon Company and Dena

Another exciting character announcement is trainer Mallow, a character in the Sun and Moon anime saga, but more notably the grass-type Trial Captain in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. She’ll be paired with her partner Pokemon Tsareena and will release alongside the “Blissful Bonanza!” event on January 21st. 

Credit: The Pokemon Company and Dena

January 29th has been set as the start of the Valentine’s Day event featuring a themed sync pair of Serena, protagonist of Pokemon X and Y, and Whimsicott. There will be another themed sync pair joining her for the event however details on who that is have not been released.

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The most notable announcements have to do with how Pokemon Masters EX will be dealing with its upcoming anniversaries, most notably its One-and-a-Half-Year mark on February 26, and its Two Year Anniversary which would fall sometime in August. 

The One-and-a-Half-Year mark is said to bring 6-Star EX variants of Skyla and Korrina, two popular sync pairs. It’s also been announced that Barry and Empoleon will receive the same treatment at a later date. Also discussed were new methods of scouting sync pairs via the upcoming Poke Fair Scout and it has also been announced that the Sync Grid interface will see major improvements. 

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The two year anniversary is the kicker, as it will wrap up the game’s story and begin with a new chapter, most likely in Galar given the big news: Dynamax in Pokemon Masters EX is officially in development. This is exciting for a few reasons, but the big one is that for the first time, Mega Evolution and Gigantimax will be recognized within the same game.

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