Pokémon Sword & Shield: Regidrago VGC Guide

Looking for a Regidrago VGC guide for Pokemon Sword and Shield? We’ve got you! Here’s everything you need to know about Regidrago below…

The Crown Tundra is full of new legendary Pokemon, one of which joins the famous “Regi-line” of Pokemon introduced back in Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby. Regidrago, the new dragon type legendary Pokemon, is a powerhouse mixed attacker or a one-trick special attacker, with a decent amount of sweep potential.

Although easily countered by opposing Ice, Fairy and Dragon types, it’s towering HP stat can allow it to take hits other dragon type Pokemon would easily be KO-ed with. Here’s a look at Regidrago’s base stats to get you acclimated.

HP (Hit Points)200
ATK (Attack)100
DEF (Defense)50
SP ATK (Special Attack)100
SP DEF (Special Defense)50
SPD (Speed)80

Regidrago’s ability is called Dragon’s Maw, which powers up Dragon type moves a whopping 50%! This more than compensates for Regidragos slightly less interesting, but still manageable, 100 ATK stat.

Regidrago Pokemon
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Watch closely for any Pokemon that may want to take your ability away by means of a move like Entertainment or a countering ability like Mold Breaker. Those abilities will nullify the effects or change your ability leaving your Regidrago in quite a bind!

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To make sure your Regdrago is optimized for competitive battling, you’ll want to place all your eggs into one basket. Do this by filling out Regidrago’s Special Attack and HP to max. This will up damage from Dragon Energy which will be explained in the next section.

Itemization and Moves to Teach Regidrago

Itemization on Regidrago is quite easy honestly. Regidrago, even with his towering HP stat, can’t go hit-for-hit like most legendary Pokemon with its insanely potent weaknesses in DEF and SP DEF stats. This means that Fairy Types and even opposing Regidrago’s may be enough for you to rethink using Regidrago until later in a battle.

Even so, it’s important to use items that synergize with Regidragos ability that acts as a Dragon-type Life Orb. 

Dragon FangWhen this item when equipped to a Pokemon, it will increase the damage of Dragon type moves by 20%.

When used in conjunction with Regidrago’s Dragon’s Maw ability, Dragon Fang will boost your attacks by 70%!
Choice ScarfWhe this item is equipped to a Pokemon, it will only allow you to use one move after locking it in until the Pokemon is switched out or KO-ed. In turn, this item will boost your Pokemons speed stat by 50%.

This is a great item to use within a team that can support Regidrago. You’ll see an example of this items usage below!
Battle Tower or found in DLC areas

Regidrago’s move pool is also easy to understand, but may take a few Dragon-type Dynamax raids to collect the proper technical moves. Think of Regidrago as raw power, therefore you’d want to fill his move pool with any move that when boosted has a great chance of One-hit-KO-ing Pokemon outside of your usual super-effective targets.

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Dragon Energy / Dragon*See formula below*Lower the enemy ATK -1
Draco Meteor / Dragon130Lower the enemy ATK -1
Protect / NormalBlocks any attack directed towards the userBlocks any attack directed towards the user
Ancient Power / Rock60 (May also raise all stats 1 stage)Increases teams DEF +1

The one special move here is called “Dragon Energy” and it’s a move that only Regidrago can learn. Here’s how it works: the damage that is dealt is represented by this formula:

(Your Current HP x 150) / (MAX HP) = Dragon Energy Power

This formula pertains only to the move Dragon Energy.

Dragon Energy move is most effective when at full HP. To give you an idea, let’s take look at a hypothetical against a very popular lead like Rillaboom. Dragon Energy, while Regidrago is at max health, has a Lonely nature, and while holding Dragon Fang, will guarantee OH-KO any Rillaboom not Focus Sashed. Just be wary of any Fairy types who are looking to absorb that attack!

Remember this point as well: any Pokemon, even legendary, can be taught moves it once knew or was supposed to learn before you caught it by talking to the man at the left hand side of every PokeCenter. 

Filling Your Team Around Regidrago

Regidrago needs a lot of support and requires some set up  time to get going. It can deal some great damage to early sweepers or terrain setters who usually can’t get in fast. However Regidrago’s glaring weakness is his lack of speed and inability to take hits, so setting up a trick room team around him may work if the opposing team is full of damage sponges. Either way, his speed stat is slightly below average so if you think you’re going to be outsped, odds are you will be. 

Leading with a Tailwind Whimsicott or Talonflame, or potentially Dynamaxing another Pokemon on your team to take focus away from Regidrago, who has OH-KO potential without Dynamaxing, is a good start. You’ll also want to fill your team with some other heavy hitters in case Regidrago’s Dragon Type moves aren’t what you need. And that can absolutely happen because no matter how strong Dragon Energy is, it will never be able to hit a Fairy type Pokemon (nor will any Dragon type attack because of Fairy’s immunity to Dragon). 

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Enter Steel types like Metagross, Excadrill, and Durant! I think Regidrago and Metagross work well together, but Excadrill has a certain ability called Mold Breaker (mentioned earlier) that can really throw a wrench into an opponent’s plans. Plus, being a Ground Type, Excadrill can potentially be your Dynamaxer allowing you to use Max Quake and boost your teams special defence to further protect against Fairy moves like Dazzling Gleam.

Here is one of the only examples of a Regidrago team I could find by the great Pokesports.

Regidrago Pokemon
Credit: The Pokemon Company

This team used a few of the strategies I mentioned before with an extra layer of protection from Regidrago, who on this team, has a Choice Scarf boosting its speed. That speed buff layered on top of the Whimsicott who can Tailwind and the Tapu Lele who protects Regidrago from Fake Out with Psychic Terrain, makes for a terrifying combo for any unsuspecting opponent.

Note this team has a focus on Excadrill and its Sand Rush ability. It, paired with Tyranitar, acts as a great exit strategy if your Regidrago is dismantled earlier than you would like.

With all of this, trudge forward Pokemon Trainer! Become the Regidrago trainer I know you can be! Who would you like to see a guide for next?

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