Pokemon: The Crown Tundra Glastrier VGC Guide

So you conquered the Crown Tundra and now you are the proud owner of a horse covered in ice from the legends of Galar and you’re not sure what to do now. Sound like you? Sure, maybe you had a Ponyta or Rapidash before, but they pale in comparison to Glastrier and his unique ability Chilling Neigh.

Credit: The Pokemon Company; Note the Ability Chilling Neigh

With every KO issued by Glastrier’s damage, it’s attack raises 50% of it’s base attack stat. In this guide, you’ll learn how to unlock your Glastrier’s true potential. To begin here are the base stats of a battle ready Glastrier:

HP (Hit Points)100
ATK (Attack)145
DEF (Defence)130
SP ATK (Special Attack)65
SP DEF (Special Defence)110
SPD (Speed)130

Note this Pokemon’s towering Attack stat. To give you an idea of just how good this Pokemon’s Attack stat really is, know this: Glastrier’s base ATK stat is higher than Urshifu the brand new mythical fighting type. 

Glastrier has one of the worst speed stats of any legendary Pokemon at a measly 30, with even the Ultra Beast Celesteela more than doubling Glastrier’s speed as a giant floating monolith. So you may not be able to outspeed your immediate opponent, but with a defence stat at 130 and a special defence stat at 110, you can take hit after hit.

To guarantee you have a competitive ready Glastrier, it’s important that you level Glastrier up to level 100 if you are missing the “best” judgement for, at the very least, HP and ATK. A quick fix to this can be to hyper-train your Glastrier, but be wary! Using a gold bottle cap will hyper-train all stats and you may not want to train your Glastrier’s speed stat! Sometimes being slower is better! More on that soon. 

Itemization and Moves to Teach Glastrier

You may now have a perfect Glastrier in terms of stats but it it can be better! The equippable items and potential movesets in this section can be used with any Glastrier and will at least help to either increase your damage or your tankiness.

Weakness PolicyWhen hit by a super-effective move, boosts your ATK and SP ATK. 

This allows Glastrier to confidently switch in against a Fire or Fighting type Pokemon and take hits for a buff on stats, then revenge kill and gain even more boosts after a KO from your ability!
Bought at the Battle Tower; 
Also found in the Isle of Armour
Assault VestBoosts your special defence when equipped but makes it so your Pokemon can only use damage dealing moves in the battle.

This item increases tankiness and makes specially attacking Fire types like Charizard, Rotom-heat or any Focus Blasters a little less scary.
Bought at the Battle Tower; Also found on the ground within both DLC areas
Life OrbBoosts the damage of  every attacking move by 30%, however costs 10% of your max HP every time you deal damage. 

This item is for a more aggressive Glastrier build that focuses more on Glastriers being switched in, Dynamaxing and then sweeping after a set up by other mons on your team..
Bought at the Battle Tower; Also found on the ground within both DLC areas

My favorite item to run on the pokemon Glastrier is Weakness Policy because I feel I get hit by Rock Slide or Overheat all of the time. It allows Glastrier to immediately gain increased stats after surviving the opposing hit. 

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Here’s a hypothetical: With a Glastrier that has low speed, this may mean that within the first turn, you could: boost your Glastrier’s ATK stat with Weakness Policy then attack last in the turn order with the boosted stats. This may KO the opposing pokemon, which would in turn then boost your ATK stat again via your ability Chilling Neigh.  Did you get all that? It means by the beginning of turn 2 you will have a plus 3 ATK Glastirer that hasn’t even Dynamaxed yet. Now that’s a scary horse!

Here are the moves you’ll want to use to guarantee you have maximum type coverage and boosted effects from Dynamax moves to secure your sweep:

High Horsepower / Ground90+1 SP DEF to you and your allies
Icicle Crash / Ice85Causes a Hailstorm
Heavy Slam / Steelbased on +1 DEF to you and your allies
Close Combat / Fighting120+1 ATK to you and your allies

Filling Your Team Around Glastrier

So at this point you may have a Glastrier that knows the best moves and does the best possible damage, but Pokemon VGC is never a one-Pokemon-show. You’ll need support to keep Glastrier from early status dealers, especially poison and fire types. You should avoid being burned however you can, even if it means an early switch out into something else.

I’ve found some great success using Indeedee to set up Psychic Terrain, or possibly use Trick Room to make Glastrier your fastest Pokemon for five turns. Dusclops or Porygon 2 are better choices if you want to use a Trick Room Pokemon, but I always recommend to players who are new to team building that trying teams out with your favorite Pokemon is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Here are two of examples of Glastrier teams. Note, I tried to find teams that used a slightly different version of Glastrier than what I helped you create to help understand its possible roles!

Pokemon Glastrier teams
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The team above was used by US player Nick Navarre in Players Cup 2. Navarre and the team placed 5th overall. The team boasts Glastrier with the White Herb, which will restore all decreased stats of the Pokemon that holds it.

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This allows you to use a move like Close Combat with no fears and also makes opposing intimidate switch-ins less of a threat. This puts them in a position to be OH-KO’d by your unaffected Glastrier! Don’t be afraid to use Protect on Glastrier and deal damage with other heavy hitters like Venasuar and Landorus. 

Pokemon Glastrier
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The second team here is from KastyTP which has a Glastrier with Weakness Policy. Please note, the last I tried this team code is not available anymore. Note the Dusclops pairing again and the mixed attacking Entei. It’s a very tank-heavy team that boasts some great weather control strategies, type coverage, and huge damage.

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Using Rillaboom or any Pokemon that shares a weakness with Glastrier to bait out an opposing fire type attack allows an easy switch into Glastrier (who will now benefit from some healing from the Rillabooms Grassy Surge ability. With weakness policy activated, it’s now time to take advantage of Chilling Neigh and sweep the opposing Pokemon up!

Now, be free! Ride your Glastrier (preferably with very warm pants) into battle! Best of luck trainers! Until next time.

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