Pokemon The Crown Tundra: Spectrier VGC Guide

Looking for a Spectrier Guide for Pokemon The Crown Tundra? We’ve got you covered. Check out everything you need below…

Better grab your Spec. Scopes! We’ve got a Ghost-Type Horse with an insanely powerful ability over here! In a similar fashion to Glastrier, Spectrier gets stronger with every KO you get. Thank Grim Neigh for that!


Unlike its tankier ice-type counterpart, Spectrier is fast and can outspeed a good number of the opposing legendary sweepers. In this guide, you’ll understand how to use Spectrier in a basic VGC build as a fast special attacking sweeper! Here’s a look at Spectrier’s base stats:

HP (Hit Points)100
ATK (Attack)65
DEF (Defense)60
SP ATK (Special Attack)145
SP DEF (Special Defense)80
SPD (Speed)130

At a whopping 145, Spectrier’s Special Attack stat is menacing. Because of it, Spectriers job is usually to be a fast attacker, quickly dealing with enemy threats as they show themselves either as a premiere lead, or my personal recommendation, a switch in counter-threat. Spectrier’s biggest threat in the current metagame are any Pokemon that have towering attack stats and access to either Sucker Punch or Shadow Sneak. Watch especially for any opposing Dragapault, Galarian-Moltres, Urshifu or Grimsnarl.

To guarantee you have a competitive ready Spectirer, you’ll want to have a fully boosted Special Attack and Speed stat to ensure it attacks first, and with full power! Note, leveling the Pokemon with XP candies to level 100 and hyper training it at the Battle Tower is the easiest way to acheive this.

Itemization and Moves to Teach Spectrier

Now it’s time to give that old ghost-horse of yours an item to play with! The equippable items in this section can be used on any Spectrier, regardless of stats .However, note: increased stats may raise their effectiveness in battle!

Life OrbA Pokemon with Life Orb equipped deals 30% increased damage every time it attacks, however the Pokemon will also lose 10% HP every time it attacks.

This works because Spectrier is fast and 10% damage is often times much less damage than whatever the Pokemon you OH-KO’s was going to deal to you!
Battle Tower or Found in both DLC Areas
Focus SashA Pokemon with Focus Sash equipped will survive any hit that may OH-KO it, but only with 1 HP remaining.

This item is perfect for switching in Spectrier to take a hit from something that may otherwise KO another member of your team. Yes, your Spectrier may be at 1 HP now, but at least you’re fast!
Battle Tower or Found in both DLC areas
Spell TagA Ghost-type Pokemon holding this item will have 20% increased damage for all ghost type attacks that it may know.

This item works for very specific team builds where you want a similar boost to Life Orb, but don’t want to lose HP every time you attack. I find this item to be the most difficult to build around, but is great if you find yourself in need of dealing large amounts of Ghost type damage only.
Found at Memorial Hill or recieved from the Cram-O-Matic in The Isle of Armour

My favorite item to use on Spectrier is Life Orb. In fact, a lot of my very quick, very powerful Pokemon hold a life orb for their place on the team. I do that for a few reasons, but the logic behind it is this: if you are faster than your opponent, and can deal boosted damage before them, you may OH-KO; In turn, you gain boosted Sp ATK for the next turn from Grim Neigh, which would put you in a great position to sweep.

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Again, I want to stress that Spectrier is fast, but will never outspeed a priority move like Sucker Punch or Shadow Sneak. A great way to deal with this is using a support Pokemon who can lay down Psychic Terrain for five turns.  Psychic Terrain will make any priority move like Shadow Sneak or Sucker Punch always fail until the terrain is lifted. 

Here are some moves you may want to learn on your Spectrier!

Shadow Ball / Ghost90Lowers the opposing teams DEF -1
Hyper Beam / Normal150Lowers the opposings team SPD -1
Mud Shot / Ground55Lowers the opposings team SP DEF -1
Will-O-Wisp / FireMay burn the targeted PokemonDefend from any move for one turn

Filling Your Team Around Spectrier

Your Spectrier thanks you for its new moveset and stat boosts, but it needs something even more dire, now. Spectrier needs friends! And filling your team around Spectrier means being flexible when picking your teammate. What you’ll need is a team that has vast type coverage, and an exit strategy when Spectrier has a worrisome counter on the other team. Any opposing sweeper that may be choice scarfed has the potential of being a threat, so it’s important to lead with a status dealer or terrain setter to give Spectrier an easier switch-in.

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Here are two of my favorite Spectrier teams by some great battlers. Note, I tried to find teams that used a slightly different version of Spectrier than what I helped you create so you can practice with/think about teams with different forms of your spooky steed to really understand all of its possible roles.

The first team I have here is a team I downloaded and rented myself a few months ago. Check this team by Felix, featuring a very hyper aggressive composition.

Pokemon Spectrier
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The idea here is to line your team up with so many diverse threats that the opposing trainer ditches their gameplan and feels pressured to throw out a counter.

Rillaboom and Tapu Koko have huge value as terrain setters and damage dealers. They can be used to set up a terrain that heals Spectrier and your support ‘mon (Grassy Terrian via Rillaboom) or can boost electric attacks and wake-up/prevent the Sleep status (Electic Terrain via Tapu Koko).

Amoonguss has a very specific role as a status giver and damage sponge with the move “Rage Powder” which will force all opponents to target it for one turn. This allows for a stress free switch-in to Spectrier from Rillaboom, or allows a sweeper on your team to stay alive even for just a bit longer.

Corvinight can do it all, being a massively tanky self-healer, that deals more and more damage the more its Defence stat has been raised.

The second team here is taken directly from the Players Cup 2 from player Jean Paul Lopez who took a whopping third place with this Spectrier team! 

Pokemon Spectrier
Credit: via the Pokemon Company

This team utilizes an item I didn’t mention above called “Safety Goggles”. This allows Spectrier to switch in to potentially hazardous field conditions without taking their effect. The slightly smaller, but other great function of Safety Goggles, is their ability to protect you from spore and powder attacks! Keep that in mind and always note what moves the Pokemon on the other team may be hiding!

This team utilizes switch-in strategies similar to the last team, with more of a focus on keeping your opponent guessing while you wear them down with debuffs and turn-by-turn damage. Spectrier allows you to go in for big hits, oftentimes getting benefits from Grim Neigh far after another support Pokemon has done initial damage.

Use Amoonguss and Landorus to stall and set-up another plan if necessary while Regeleki’s Electroweb attack lowers their speed on switch-in giving Spectrier that much needed advantage in speed to gain Special Attack from Grim Neigh and sweep! Whew…that was a lot wasn’t it?

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Hopefully you learned something new about Spectrier and or competative Pokemon! Now head forth and do battle and buy your Spectrier some high knee socks…I don’t know if you noticed but its ankles are…not there…it’s just unsettling.

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