Pokemon The Crown Tundra: Spiritomb Secret Encounter Guide

In the latest Pokemon expansion, The Crown Tundra, you can encounter Spiritomb secretly! Here’s everything you need to do to trigger this. But, be warned… It’s a tough battle.

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield have brought a lot of content to the title with The Crown Tundra. Spiritomb is just one of these. You can trigger the secret encounter with Spiritomb at any time while playing. Here’s how.

To start the secret encounter, you’ll need to travel to Dyna Tree Hill. This is the same place where the Galarian Legendary Birds can be found, if you’ve encountered them.

Pokemon Crown Tundra Spiritomb
Credit: The Pokémon Company

From here, you’ll need to travel to Ballimere Lake to the East. Once there, there’s a tombstone in a corner area that you’ll have to interact with. Once you’ve interacted with it, it’ll say “Spread my voice!”

The Pokemon Crown Tundra Spiritomb Secret Encounter Needs You To Talk To Trainers

Once activated, you’ll need to get online and talk to at least 32 other trainers. Be warned, Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield don’t track this so it’s worth keeping count. This number is a reference to how many players you’d need to speak to when trying to catch Spiritomb in Diamond and Pearl.

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The best place to do this is to look for trainers trying to do the same thing as you: so, head back to Dyna Tree Hill or around the gravestone.

Pokemon Crown Tundra Spiritomb
Credit: IGN

When you’ve completed this task, you’ll need to head back to the gravestone. It will now read “My voice has been heard.”

Then, you’ll need to fly out of the area and then return. When you get back, Spiritomb should be there waiting for you!

Warning: Spiritomb is a level 72 Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon, so be ready when you try to battle it for that capture!

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