Pop Flash VALORANT Tournament Preview

The latest VALORANT tournament in North America is the Pop Flash Ignition Series event hosted by Flashpoint. The top eight NA teams will battle for $50,000 from August 26 through 30.

This is the most trimmed down and tight VALORANT tournament yet. With a smaller tournament pool, there aren’t going to be many one-sided matchups. With each of the group stage matches being a Best of Three, we are ready for a quality event.


Group A: TSM, Dignitas, Gen.G and Cloud9.

Group B: Sentinels, Envy, Immortals and T1.

Both groups are really well-balanced with top dogs (TSM and Sentinels) flanked by promising top teams who have competed for finals before. Cloud9 vs Gen.G is the top match to look at in Group A, while I can’t actually lock down one matchup in Group B. Each match should be a good time.


The groups will play in a bracket format, with the top two teams from each group moving onto the double-elimination semi-finals. In group A, TSM will face Dignitas at 5 p.m. BST with the winner taking on the victor of Gen.G vs C9.

Sentinels vs Envy will be at 23:30 BST and Immortals vs T1 will complete the night/early morning at 3:00 BST. So a late tournament for those away from North America, but typical for an event like this.


The matches will be streamed on Each match will be shown on stream for this event, making it an easier one to follow. VODs should be up on Flashpoint’s YouTube channel, but can also be found in the archives of the Twitch channel.