PS5 Release Date, Xbox Series X Release Date, And Prices For Both Leaked By Industry Analyst

Playstation 5 Price

Earlier today, Industry Analyst Roberto Serrano reported the PS5 release date, Xbox Series X release date, and prices for both in a tweet. He claims that it is more reliable than a rumor of speculation.

It’s a little bit massive. Once again, we have a new report claiming to know the release date and price of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. What makes this time interesting is that it seems to line up more with recent leaks. Could we finally be coming to a solid answer? You can imagine, as soon as a leak gains enough traction… Sony and Microsoft will be forced to play their hand.

PS5 Release Date Speculated As November 13

This seems to line up with several other leaks, which would suggest it is true. French Retailer Carrefour uploaded the PS5 to their site last month with this release date. Not only this, but Fortnite is also reportedly getting a “Next-Gen” bundle on November 17. So… It would make sense if the PS5 launched before that, right?

Pricing is where it gets a bit off, though. Serrano reckons both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be the same price. However, recent leaks would suggest that the Xbox Series X is going to come in at a little more expensive. Obviously, with nothing actually confirmed at this point… It could go either way. 

ps5 release date
Credit: Insomniac

Do you think the Xbox Series X has to be the same price as the PS5 in order to stack up against it? Or would a cheaper PS5 all-but-confirm the long-suspected market dominance it will have?

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